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    Time required to install Windows 8.

    I recently bought Dell Latitude that had Windows 8 installed in it. I want to however install Windows 8.Is Windows 8 compatible with Dell Latitude? How much time will it take to install Windows 8?

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    Re: Time required to install Windows 8.

    hello my dear friend......first see these details to confirm the either your dell is ....windows 8 compatitable or not

    window 8 requirements for 32-Bit OS

    1Ghz of processor

    1 GB of RAM

    16 GB of hard drive

    DirectX 9 graphics card

    windows 8 requirements for 64-Bit OS are

    1 Ghz of processor

    2 GB of RAM

    20 GB of hard drive

    Direct X 9-graphics card

    and the it takes hardly 30 min to install............ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Time required to install Windows 8.

    windows-8-logo-6.jpg TIMER-2_Std.jpg

    dear friend,

    Windows 8 required following configuration to be installed-

    DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.
    Minimum RAM 1GB for 32 bit and 2GB for 64 bit.
    Minimum 1GHz Processor.
    Required minimum storage of 16 Gb for 32bit and 20Gb for 64 bit.

    If your Dell Latitude has the above configuration then of course-you can install windows 8 in your computer.

    Time required to install windows 8 is totally depends on system.

    Required time varies system to system.

    I'm giving an example-

    AMD processor 4800 X2 with 320 GB SATA hard drive required 18 minutes to be installed.

    But you can nearly assume that it requires about 30min to be installed.

    There are five steps by which windows 7 install itself-

    Copy windows file.
    Expand windows files.
    Install features.
    Install updates.
    Completion of installation.

    Hope this info will help you.

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    Re: Time required to install Windows 8.

    Let me inform you that you have said windows 8 is installed in your laptop, then i`m thinking why it is necessary to install windows 8 again, but still if you have a reason,
    Yes Windows 8 can be installed in your system without a problem.
    You need to have a processor of above 1 GHz, 1 GB to 2 GB RAM, About 20 GB of HDD space is all you need to install Windows 8.
    But the speed of installation depends on the computer specification the, bigger the better so the installation speed will be dependent on your system configuration and it cant be suggested untill i know your system specification.

    thank you.

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