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    Too small texts are appearing in windows vista

    I don't know how it happened but now, the text which appear on screen is too small. I have eye sight problem as well so i want to fix this issue as soon as possible. My brother have good knowledge about computers but he is out of station now.Kindly provide some help.

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    Re: Too small texts are appearing in windows vista

    Don't worry. You can easily fix this issue. For doing the same, right click on desktop and choose "Personalization" or "Properties". Select a larger size according to your need and click on Ok twice followed by Yes and close. It can ask for the reboot so allow it to do the same. After a fresh restart,the problem will be fixed. However,if you are still finding it difficult to handle this issue or getting any other kind of error,feel free to post your query here.
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    Re: Too small texts are appearing in windows vista

    To solve this problem follow these steps

    • Go to the home screen of the device
    • Then right click on the empty space
    • Now choose the option Personalization
    • Then select the option Dispaly in the right pane
    • Then select the font size in the opened windows
    • Now save the changes that are made by you by clicking on Apply

    By following the above steps you can change the font size in windows vista.

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    Re: Too small texts are appearing in windows vista

    1. Right click on your desktop
    2. click on Personalize
    3. It opens Personalization window
    4. Go to the left pane and click on Adjust font size (DPI)


    5. choose larger one 120 DPI, which makes the text more readable


    6. click Apply then OK

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