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    Toshiba Satellite Laptop prompts "No bootable device, Please restart system"

    Hello, I dropped my laptop and tried turning it on to recover this message...no bootable device- restart system.
    please provide any solution

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    Re: Toshiba Satellite Laptop prompts "No bootable device, Please restart system"

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...............................

    1.This is the problem of the OS files.

    2.So you try to insert the CD of the OS and then restart your laptop.

    3.And then you try to repair your OS files.

    4.If that is not your problem then it is the problem of the BIOS.

    5.As your laptop fell down hardware problem may be occurred so try to repair it.

    Have a nice day.............................

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    Re: Toshiba Satellite Laptop prompts http://windowsdiscussions.com/showthread.php?t=121626"No bootable device, Please restart system"


    First you need to go to BIOS and check whether the HDD is detected by system of not.

    --To go to BIOS press F2 button continuously while starting your laptop.

    --After reaching BIOS you will see this...
    --If your hard disk is showing in the screen like the green rectangle on the picture, your hard disk is detected by system.

    - Now use the arrow keys to go to "Boot" tab.
    - You will see your hard disk name like "TOSHIBA..." there. Bring it to top by using arrow keys and F5 and F6 keys.
    - After doing this Press F10 key and choose yes.
    - Your problem may gone.

    - Now if the problem still exist..
    - Try Re-installing OS. (means re-install windows xp or windows 7 etc) This will finally solve your problem.

    --But if your hard disk is not showing in the screen then your hard disk is not detected by the system.

    - In this case, you need a Computer Repairer or you have to go to Computer Repairing Shop and tell them your hard disk is not being detected in BIOS.
    - You can go to service center if the laptop is in the warranty period.

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