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    Touchscreen issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus

    I am using Windows phone Samsung Focus. But now the touch screen is losing its sensitivity over use and is now hanging up. I am not able to work properly with my phone. Can we solve the touch screen issues on this Windows phone?

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    Angel_Shweta Array
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    Re: Touchscreen issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus

    Touch related troubles are key matters of concern basically with all touch screen phones.They tend to lose flexibility or sensitivity with the passage of usage.
    #Try this simple tricks,that might help you to at least lessen your effort.
    ~Depending on the memory,reduce your files,by deleting them. It may be the cause for slow reading of your instructions to the system. Hence continuous tapping too is in vain.
    ~Format your phone. Of course with all the accessories detached from it like the micro sd card and sim cards.
    If the above mentioned ways too fails in regain the pace of your screen,Then my friend,you might need to move to the service centre to get the screen replaced.
    Good luck.

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    Abhishek Chauhan Array
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    Re: Touchscreen issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus


    There maybe a case that your touch screen is absolutely fine but your phone is getting hang.
    Because after all its the processor which shows the touch responses.
    So you can either free up some phone memory space to speed up your phone.
    You should also scan your phone for virus.
    Many time virus also makes it slow.

    Try upgrading the OS if possible .
    Maybe it will help

    All the best

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    srikanth Array
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    Re: Touchscreen issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus

    this because of the hang up of the phone or
    may the sensors in the phone may be got damaged
    touch screen phones are most sensitive so we have to handle them with care to avoid such problem from them

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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: Touchscreen issues with Windows phone Samsung Focus

    Deat Friend!!
    For a touch screen phone,you need to be very carefull.
    first of all,you should prefer to have a branded touch gaurd for such a costly phone.
    secondly,there is a trick-go to settings and then search for screen callibration options
    then callibrate your phone precisely and then take out batteries,sim,sd card for 2 mins and then put them back.restart phone and keep any activated antivirus.
    It wud definetely help you!!

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