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    Transcend Pen drive not detected in Windows 8 Tablet

    I connected Transcend Pen drive to Windows 8 Tablet. It is not detected in Tablet. I remove it and connected it again.Drivers got installed in the Tablet, but could not solve the problem. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    pushp Array
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    Re: Transcend Pen drive not detected in Windows 8 Tablet

    Hello !!

    please see crefully,if the drivers are instaled than why you are not able to see the icon on my computer.
    ensure that you have not applied optio for hidden.
    or it might be due to malware in your system.
    so,try to format the pendrive in another system.
    and yhen plugin in your system.
    and check it,wheather it is showing or not.
    and then do let us know.

    thanks for posting..

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    Re: Transcend Pen drive not detected in Windows 8 Tablet


    Transcend pen drive detected in windows 8 tablet it means there is a problem in driver software or in pen drive. To solve that problem think about these suggestions.......

    ====>Open Device manager onto your tablet.
    ====>To open device manager right click on My computer, click Manage and than click on Device Manager.
    ====>Under the device manger list you will see the Port.
    ====>Click on arrow sing just just next to the USB port.
    ====>After clicking you will see the attached Transcen with your tablet.
    ====>Right click on USB port name for which you want to make correction.
    ====>Now click on the Update Driver Software.
    ====>Follow few steps to Update driver software.
    ====>After updation try to access hard drive.
    ====>This time you will get proper response.

    Try this i hope this will help you..............

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Transcend Pen drive not detected in Windows 8 Tablet


    The problem may be the physical damage of the PenDrive.

    Or the connecting slot for the drive may have some issues.

    Check those two factors, then Uninstall the USB driver from the Tablet, again download a fresh copy from the net and install properly in the Tablet.

    This should solve the issue, if physical damage is not there.


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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: Transcend Pen drive not detected in Windows 8 Tablet

    Dear Friend!!
    There are some specs of a pen drive also.
    like how much power does it uses and its data transfer rate and compatibility.
    you need to check that if your pen drive is below 165w(watt),then its not compatible with windows 8.
    You need to connect it with some device which can put external power.
    These devices are available in market.

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    Abhishek Mishra Array
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    Re: Transcend Pen drive not detected in Windows 8 Tablet


    first check is the pendrive is detectable in any other system. sometime incompatibility or driver issue cause this problem.

    if it is discoverable in any other computer but not in your system then you need to install/repair the driver for this device. you can update it through windows update channel.

    just go to device manager by typing in search box. then click scan for hardware changes to scan for driver automatically.

    second is if your pendrive got corrupt then dont need to worry as transcend provide a online recovery tool to recover faulty pendrives you can download it from transcend official website and then use it to recover your pendrive.

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