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    Trouble in connecting Google Nexus 7 with Windows XP PC via USB

    When I plug in Google Nexus 7 with my PC running on Windows XP through USB, I can view the hardware wizard on the screen. But when I open up ‘My Computer’, I am not able to view the tablet. What could be the reason for that?

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    Re: Trouble in connecting Google Nexus 7 with Windows XP PC via USB


    To achieve success in connecting Google Nexus and Windows PC you need take care of the following:

    The two are driven by different Driver Softwares so you need to keep both the devices driver file under their respective Operating systems Up to Date.

    Update USB controller driver in Windows XP, by using ControlPanel,and installing the latest Windows XP compatible USB driver from Microsoft Official Web Site.

    Check the USB port for ny physical damage.

    Check the cable and connector for any defect.

    Clean the system , both device by scanning and then removing any malicious program if that is found.


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