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    Trouble in formatting SD card with Windows Vista

    Whenever I try to format a SD card using my laptop running on Windows Vista, I keep getting the message “Windows was unable to complete format”. What has to be done for formatting the card without this error message?

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    Re: Trouble in formatting SD card with Windows Vista

    You can format the SD card from Disk Management without causing any type of error message. For that, you need to first get into the start up menu by clicking the ‘Start’ button. Select ‘Control Panel’ option from that menu and click on it. Once you get into the Control Panel, click on ‘Administrative Tools’ option from the available menu. The next step required is to press the ‘Computer Management’ option. On doing so, you can view a window start appearing on the screen with ‘Disk Management’ option. Click on that option and select the device you want to format from the list pop up under drive viewer. Right click on the device and choose the ‘Format’ option to format the device.

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    Re: Trouble in formatting SD card with Windows Vista

    Hello friend,

    I will help you to solve your problem don't worry just follow my steps k.

    1.Firstly open start menu option k.

    2.Now click on Administrative tools and then click computer management option k.

    3.Now that windows opens up and then you can click on the Disk management option and find the device in the drive viewer k.

    4.Now you can right click on the drive and select format and see if using this utility from Disk management helps resolve your problem k.

    All the best........................

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