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    Trouble in installing Directx 9 into Windows 7

    I need some .dll files from directx 9 to play certain games on my PC upgraded to Windows 7. But when I try to install directx 9 into my system, it will display the error message “An Internal System error has occurred” along with a log file. In what way can I get rid of this error?

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    Re: Trouble in installing Directx 9 into Windows 7

    First of all, make certain that you have the game installation disk of games which need directx9. You can then install directx 9 from that disk. Insert that disk into the drive for that and wait until the Autorun windows open on the screen. Then, choose ‘Open folder to view files’ option from that window. Double click on the folder named ‘Directx9c’ afterwards for opening it. Locate ‘DXSETUP’ file and click on it twice. This will run that set up file and install DX9c required for the games.

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    Re: Trouble in installing Directx 9 into Windows 7

    :: First you need to restart your PC.

    :: Then hit the directx9 and it will ask the folder to with it extract ,so previously create the folder in the c drive.

    :: Now after extracting the file you have to go the setup or application file from the number of file and hit it.

    :: By doing this your set up is installing on the PC.

    :: Then again restart your PC and check it is installed properly or not.

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    Re: Trouble in installing Directx 9 into Windows 7


    If you are having the DirectX ver.9, then you can proceed with the installation.

    either insert the disk in the drive and click on the DXSETUP.EXE file.

    This will install the DirectX 9 in your system.

    If you are downloading from the net then once the download is finished try to click the installer downloaded and that`s all. it will get installed.


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