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    Trouble with making Bluetooth connectivity on Windows 7

    Hi, I am using windows 7, home edition and trying to make connection with supported device via bluetooth connectivity. But it seems that supported Bluetooth devices not working properly. Need help how, to resolve the issue. Need help as soon as possible!!

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    Re: Trouble with making Bluetooth connectivity on Windows 7


    first check whether the bluetooth Device working properly or not

    Go to the control panel and click on the blue tooth ICON and verify all the settings

    and also the check the connected port working properly or not

    and also check the Destination device .....connection

    IF you are unable to solve the issue......then go for the troubleshooting

    for that ........go to control panel and open system and security option

    then go to action center option and click troubleshooting

    and find you problem and solve the issue


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    Re: Trouble with making Bluetooth connectivity on Windows 7


    you need to check wether the biuetooth driver is properly insatlled are not if it was installed properly
    ther might be some seetings problems in the devices soo you need to check verify bye the fallowing method

    choose start and then devices and printers and look for the blutooth devices this shows the devices that had coonted to your pc before

    right click the blutoth devices and chosse bluttoth seetings

    select ht check box that says allow devices to find this computer and click ok

    make sure the bloth of ht device youare seleting is properly working that you want to connect

    in the device stage in the upper left corner click add a device

    double click the device that you want to connect

    and go to the device stage by chosing the starrt device and printer wait untill the new device you had choosen is apperd in the devices
    and see that ther are no errors like swirlyi icons or yellow warnings icon

    right click the blutoth devices and choose blutooth seetings deselet the check box labels allow devices to find this computer and then click ok
    ther you go your problem is solved


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    Re: Trouble with making Bluetooth connectivity on Windows 7


    Yje bluetooth unavailability may happen because of either hardware failure that is check the bluetooth device you are trying to add to the computer for its health by trying it in another computer.

    If found okay, then at the right hand bottom corner you will find a small arrow and clicking it will open a window full of icons one of which should be bluetooth icon. Click it and check the settings and fine tune it.

    Still not functioning? Download a fresh driver for related communication port from the manufacturers site and install it. This will probably do the trick.


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