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    Trying to set an "Access Code Denied" voice when someone enter wrong password in windows 7

    I have windows 7 and I love to do something new. I am trying to make my computer the smartest one so adding some more enhanced functionalities. I want to set a sound which works when anyone enters wrong password and gives a voice message "Access Code Denied". I found similar setting in Control Panel -> Sound -> Sounds and I tried to configure the setting as well but till now, I haven't done it successfully.Do you have any idea, how it can be done?

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    Re: Trying to set an "Access Code Denied" voice when someone enter wrong password in windows 7

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    dear friend,

    Of course you can make your computer smarter in that way.

    Windows 7 has in-built application which is called "Speech Recognition".

    You may download any other third party software to so that.

    To enable this service you've to follow these steps-

    Click on the Start button.
    Open Control Panel.
    Change it to the Category view.
    Click on Hardware & Sound.
    From the left pane, select "Ease of Access".
    Click on Speech recognition.
    Now you can see five options under the main option.

    You can take the speech recognition tutorial.

    You can view or print the common commands.

    You can set up a microphone.

    You can start speaking to set a voice password of your own.

    Or you can train your computer that it can understand your voice better.

    After enabling the service, perform a restart.

    Now you have to enter the voice password.

    If you enter the wrong, you can hear "Access Denied" voice.

    Hope this guideline will help you.

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