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    Unable to access E:/folder on Windows Vista

    The hard drive in my laptop upgraded to Windows Vista get locked up immediately after making changes in its settings accidentally. The screen showed me to restart the system in safe mode. I did so and got all the folders back. But, it is not possible to open the E:/folder as it shows “Access denied” message. How can I resolve this issue?

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    Re: Unable to access E:/folder on Windows Vista

    Double click on the ‘Computer’ icon on the desktop. Right click on ‘External Hard Drive’ afterwards and wait until the menu appears on the screen. Navigate through that menu and select ‘Properties’ option. After that, click on ‘Security’ option visible on the screen. Press the ‘Edit’ button under ‘To change permissions, click Edit’ label. Click on the ‘Add’ button afterwards and enter ‘everyone’ into the white box appears on the screen. Select the checkbox near ‘Full Control’ option and press the ‘OK’ button.

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    Re: Unable to access E:/folder on Windows Vista

    hi dear friend............the error ACCESS DENIED is about the administrator privilages

    simply press ctrl+alt+delete combination from the keyboard

    then click on switch user option and login with the Administrator account

    then ......try to access DRIVE E: ....if you are unable to access the the DRIVE

    open the my computer and right click on the E DRIVE and choose properties

    then choose the TOOLS tab ....and click CHECK button

    then the process will begins.......if there is any error in the Drive then fix that errors .......after that access the DRIVE

    and ....also still the problem cause .....

    formate the DRIVE .. ....solve the problem

    THANK YOU...........

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    Re: Unable to access E:/folder on Windows Vista

    :: First of all close current window panel.

    :: Then go to the window start and right click on the computer.

    :: Now select the “External Hard Drive" from it and then open the "properties" option.

    :: Once it opens, locate the "security" and then press on edit option for Change the permissions option.

    :: Under the “change permissions” option add to everyone option and the select the full control option.

    :: This will give the permissions to access the folder.

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