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    Unable to avoid blurry graphics from Windows XP

    Hi, I am using Service Pack 3 of windows xp. Having issue regarding blurry graphics. As i set the resolution high but that doesn't matters. Sometimes photos get also affect with same blurry issue. How to avoid the issue? Need help as soon as possible!

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Unable to avoid blurry graphics from Windows XP

    hi dear friend..... there may be a problem in the Video drivers

    so, Re install the Video Drivers and resolve your issue

    and before the install the video drivers first uninstall the current video drivers

    for that go to control panel and click on the programs option

    after that click on the programs and features option

    and then find the Video drivers there and right click on it ....and choose uninstall option

    after that insert the mother board CD and install the Video Drivers

    .....ALL THE BEST

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    Abhishek Mishra Array
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    Re: Unable to avoid blurry graphics from Windows XP

    this problem arises due to following 2 reasons... 1) hardware issue and 2) software issue... for hardware issue u have to call or go to the customer care of your manufacturer.
    for software issue read this post carefully 1) make sure that the graphic driver is updated.
    2) sometime graphic setting is disturbed you have to restore this... for doing this just right click on the desktop and select display properties (if you have intel graphic driver) for other you will see option like nvidia control penal or readon control penal.. juz click on this and select restore original settings..

    hope this will solve your issue.... plz comment

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Unable to avoid blurry graphics from Windows XP


    The problem may have its origin from hardware level.

    Monitor may have generated a problem or the graphics card or the inbuilt chipset responsible for the display, or even a controlling switch of the monitor may have the key to your problem and a hardware engineer can solve it.

    If software programs are the problem then you download a fresh file of Display driver from Microsoft`s website and install it in the windows.

    Another small tweak you should try, On right clicking on the empty space of the desktop, generally you get a " Graphics option" and "Graphics properties", try to invoke them and apply small changes in different options to see wheather anything is changing at all.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Unable to avoid blurry graphics from Windows XP

    Hello friends..

    Mainly this problem depends upon three contents..

    1. Graphics...

    If you have less graphics then it will be shows this type of problems..

    2.video drivers..

    video drivers are corrupted or drivers not install properly..

    So re install and update video drivers..

    3. Check the monitor settings and Physical connections of hard wares..

    I hope it will help you..

    Thank you and All the best..

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