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    Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    There is a folder in my C drive which was locked, but I unlocked it now. However, I cannot rename it, it is possible to open the folder and access the content. What will I do to rename this folder?

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    simple, all you need to do is download this small software called take owernership

    here is the link to download

    once you download, unzip it and install .

    Now right click on the folder which you want to delete and select take ownership

    Now you can delete it, rename it,.. do anything you want ..

    Rock On

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    vaibhav101 Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    please specify the name of the file as it can be a system file , renaming it can cause damage to your windows .
    So please specify the name
    then only i can tell you how to rename it as system files cannot be renamed as they perform a vital funtion in working of your windows

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    shyam Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    As you have discovered, simply renaming your user account the way you did
    does not change the actual user account name (which is the generic "User").
    While logged into an account with administrative privileges, go to the User
    Accounts Applet in Control Panel and create:

    1. A Standard user account for your own personal daily use.

    2. An extra Administrator account for elevation and emergencies. You may
    never need to log into this account but someday you may be very glad you
    were foresighted enough to create it.

    3. Now log into the new Standard user account. You can copy your data from
    User to it. Once you have everything set up the way you like, you can
    delete User - or keep it and just delete the extra set of data......

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    Click start,
    In the Search box type cmd and press enter.
    In the command prompt , right click and different options will emerge,
    Select Run as an Administrator,provide password or click ok,

    Now try to right click on that folder and rename it as you have aquired the Administrative Authority.

    The other way is to boot in safe mode, press multiple times F8 at the beginning ofthe booting and select Safe Mode from options.

    Now try to rename the folder if that works.

    Scan the system for removal of virus which can cause such a problem.

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..............

    1.It is the user folder so you cannot rename it.

    2.If you want to change it's name.

    3.You go to the Control Panel.

    4.Then you click on the option 'User Account'.

    5.There you click on 'Change an account'.

    6.There you select the account which you want to rename.

    7.Rename it and then save it and your user folder will be renamed as you renamed your account.

    Have a nice day...................

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    heemanshubhalla Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    * Firstly, I want to clerify you that you cannot Rename a User Folder On system. It is not allowed as all user files are identified by its user name so , its not allowed to directly rename it


    You Should try following steps :-

    1. First Login As an Administrator
    2. Create a Standard Account Then login into this account
    3. Navigate to Control Panel
    4. Then GoTo System Option
    5. Then Goto Advanced Then choose User Profiles Then Settings
    6. Browse your New Account :- c:\users\new account and copy your old account to it
    7. Now You can Login to your Newly created Account and all Data will be There

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    abhinandan Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive


    i have solution
    *************This problem also occurred due to virus

    *************So install good quality antivirus software and scan whole system

    *************You are trying to rename that folder without admin permission.

    *************Now restart your device

    *************Now right click under folder which you want to rename

    *************If this time also not rename folder name

    *************Then log in with your system as a admin of this.

    *************Now make sure that your folder not in use.

    *************Now select that folder and click on rename option.

    *************Your folder will be rename after perform this operation.

    steps will provide a help for getting solution of this problem

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Unable to change the name of a user folder in C drive

    Hi, Dear friend

    Generally this is the issue about the administrator privillages

    Whenever you want to change the USERS folder Name .... must and should you have permission of administrator ... or login with the admin account

    SO, simply press windows key+L then click the Switch to user button....then login with the Administrator account ...and then try again

    And Some times you got this error ... in administrator cases also in that case

    press windows key+R and type lusrmgr.msc and click OK

    then double click on USERS folder from the middle pane .....and after double click on ADMINISTRATOR option from the list

    and now uncheck the Account is Disabled option and then click OK button

    after that again press windows key+L combination and click the Switch to USER button......then login with Administrator named account ..

    and then change the name of USERS folder....and this time it will be fixed

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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