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    Unable to change network configuration on HP windows desktop

    I changed the network configuration of my HP windows desktop but when I restarted the system the very next time, the configuration is seen as automatically changed to the previous one. The same thing gets repeated the next time I tried. What can I do with this?

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    Re: Unable to change network configuration on HP windows desktop


    For this you need to change IP address and Domain name in your PC..

    For IP address ..

    Click on Internet icon on right side bottom...

    Next click on network and sharing center..

    Next click on Change Adapter settings.

    Now choose Local area network connection..

    Right click on it and choose Properties..

    Now go to Internet protocol version 4 or Version 6..

    Choose one and click on properties

    And set your IP address..

    Finally click and Apply..

    Now for Domain set up..

    Go to My computer Properties click on it..

    Click on Change settings..

    Here choose Computer name tab..

    Next click n Change..

    Here you can change your Domain name or work group name..

    Finally click on Apply and ok..

    Now your network configuration is ok...

    Thank you.

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