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    Unable to convert html file into pdf file on Windows phone

    I am using a Nokia Lumia which is running with Windows 7.5. I created a Html of my own to bring a web page. I did that and got a new fantastic web page too. One of my friend told that we can convert html to pdf on windows phone. I searched online to get the exact apps for it. But I could not find that. I want anyone of you to give the apps name and also the steps to do it. By doing this, I can take that to printout for my future use and this will make me to gain space on my mobile too.

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    Re: Unable to convert html file into pdf file on Windows phone

    It is really appreciable of creating a web page. creating web page using html is very easy but the thing is how you add the designs to that page. There is a specific software to convert html to pdf file. The name of the software is iTextSharp MPL Library. You can download this from the Windows store. Sign in with your Microsoft ID and download this apps. Then install it on your phone. The iTextSharp library apps will take html as input and produce pdf as a output. You can also convert back to html by giving input as pdf which will give html as output.
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