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    Unable to disable the mouse hover feature in windows 7

    I want to disable the mouse hover feature but not getting any idea. It automatically selects items,i don't want to be activated. Last night,i was trying to install a program where there was an option to either leave or include the installation of a third party software. Before i could select anything, it selected the option automatically.As a result,it is installed in my computer.Kindly help me in disabling this feature.

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    Re: Unable to disable the mouse hover feature in windows 7

    You can easily fix your issue by slowing down the Pointer speed. To do the same,Navigate to Start Button>>Control Panel>>Hardware>>Mouse>>Pointer Options tab.Now do any of the following depending upon your need:
    1. To change the speed at which the mouse pointer moves, move the Select a pointer speed slider towards Slow.
    2. To make the pointer work more accurately when you're moving the mouse slowly, select the Enhance pointer precision check box
    If you are finding the above method complex for yourself,you can also fix this issue by changing the ClickLocks settings.Follow the below given procedure for doing the same:
    • Click on Start>>Control Panel>>Double click on Mouse
    • Click on Button tab and enable "ClickLocks".You will find this option under "ClickLocks section"
    • Now click the settings button and move the slider to Long.
    • Finally apply changes and you are done.
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    Re: Unable to disable the mouse hover feature in windows 7

    Hello My Dear Dude ...

    Go to the Start menu

    Then go to the Control panel

    After that go to the "" EASY OF ACCESS ""

    Then click on Make the mouse Easier to use

    After that Deselect the box that says " activate a window by hovering over it with the Mouse "

    That is it '


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