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    Unable to find any method to add Network Drive folder to Library

    I have stored my media files in external hard drive which is accessed by all computers in my Home network. Now i want to add more music and pictures in my libraries but windows 7 computer flashes a message that folders must be indexed. However i don't know, how to accomplish this. Do you know? If yes then help me.

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    Re: Unable to find any method to add Network Drive folder to Library

    It seems that folders are missing system permission so you should add system permission to folder. For that,right click on the folder and choose "Properties". After that,click on "Security" tab. Click on "Edit",if you are not able to see "System" under "Group or User names". After that,click on "Add".Type "system" in the box which appears before you and then on "Check Names". Once done,click on "System" which appears under "Matching Names". Finally click on "Ok" and wait for all opened boxes to close.To index a newtork folder,follow the below given steps:
    1. Click on start>>Control Panel.Type,Indexing Options in the search box which appears on top right corner.
    2. After that,click on "Modify".
    3. For adding or removing a location,check or uncheck the check box which shows "Change selected Locations" and click on "Ok".
    4. If you are not able to see any location on your computer in the given list then click on "Show all locations".It can ask for the admin password so provide it.
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    Re: Unable to find any method to add Network Drive folder to Library

    just two steps to solve this problem.

    step 1 : right click on the network folder or network drive which you want to include in library.
    step 2 : select the "option add to library"

    that's it my dear friend.

    : This method works on windows 7 and windows 8.

    if you find any problem with this method for the below method

    METHOD 2

    create a new folder eg: c:\shares
    create a sub folder in the above folder eg : c:\shares\pictures
    Now include this folder to library.
    Time to delete folder be careful while doing this, don't remove it from library.

    now click win button
    type command
    right click on the command and select "Run as Administrator"

    Now type the following in the command prompt

    mklink /d "LINK" "TARGET"

    mklink /d "c:\shares\pictures" \\Server\Network Folder

    by doing this you non indexed network path as library.

    happy to assist you

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