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    Unable to find any way to install Windows 7 and Mac OS X in dual boot mode

    I have a sony VAIO E Series VPCEH18FG laptop powered by an Intel Core I5 Processor. I want to install Mac OSX on it together with windows 7 64-bit in dual boot mode. I had installed Mac OS X earlier and it worked fine except for some misssing drivers. The laptop has "Insyde H20" BIOS and i know it supports UEFI booting, but i am not able to install windows 7 or even windows 8 64-bit versions using UEFI. I know i will have to reformat the drive completely,but i don't want to do it and want to install the other OS with dual boot options.Please help.

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    Re: Unable to find any way to install Windows 7 and Mac OS X in dual boot mode

    Since you don't want to format your hard drive, it is very difficult to suggest something for dual booting and installing Mac OSX on it. But i can suggest an alternative. Why not make use of your USB port and an external hard drive to boot another operating system? There are many methods you can employ to have a live operating system booting and running directly from a USB pen drive or a USB hard drive. In this way, you can make use of Mac OS on your PC and use windows 8 from the USB drive. But in your case you already have windows 7 installed and this is going to make it more complicated. Why not take the safest and easiest route? Take a complete backup of your data from the hard drive, repartition and format the hard drive, install Mac OS on the laptop and then use windows 8 via a USB drive. Another option is to opt for another 2.5 inch hard drive and install the operating systems individually on each drive and switch them whenever you need them. In this way,you have a complete drive for each operating system,enough storage space, no data confusion between the two OS and finally,no dual boot troubles in case one OS falls.
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