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    Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    Since yesterday, I am not able to hear the planes, multiplayer voices and other sounds when playing FSX games with my PC running on Windows 7. I have restarted my PC and re-installed the game. Still, the app behaves in the same way. What are the troubleshooting steps required to resolve this issue?

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    Re: Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    First of all check the sound settings of the gaming program through its documentation and see whether the sound is enabled or not. If you can’t hear the sound even after enabling it, then restart your PC through a clean start up procedure. For that, you need to first log into your PC as administrator and perform the following steps.
    • Click on ‘Start’ button at the bottom part of the screen
    • Type msconfig into search box and press ‘Enter’ key
    • Click on ‘General’ tab in ‘System Configuration Utility’ dialog box
    • Click on ‘Selective Startup’ option
    • Uncheck the check box near ‘Load Startup Items’ with a single click
    • Check the ‘Hide All Microsoft Services’ check box after clicking on ‘Services’ tab
    • Click on ‘Disable All’ option and press ‘OK’ button
    • Hit the ‘Restart’ button while prompted
    Still if you can’t resolve this issue then install latest version of Microsoft DirectX. Another solution available to resolve the issue is to update the sound card driver. If the problem persists afterwards, then play any music or video file on your PC and check whether it is possible to hear the sounds in Windows. If you can’t hear the song or video, then contact the manufacturer of PC or sound card and ask the troubleshooting steps.

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    Re: Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    >> Start option >> ""Type ms-config >> General >> System Configuration Utility"".

    >> Selective Start up >> uptick Load Start-up Items

    >> Tick the Hide All Microsoft Services >> then Services

    >> Disable All

    >> And then Restart

    >> Install latest version of Microsoft Direct X

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    Re: Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    Dear Friends..

    Click on the windows Icon i.e Start menu

    > In the search box type msconfig and hit enter

    System configuration utility dialog box will open and click on General option .

    click on selective start up option

    uncheck the check box to disable it .

    click on disable all .

    save the changes .

    Restart your PC .

    if the problem still persists then install the latest version of the direct X

    and update the sound drivers .

    Thank you..

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    Re: Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    To fix this issue follow these steps

    • Go to the home screen
    • Then select the start menu
    • type msconfig in the search box press enter
    • Then tap on that and select the general tab
    • Then select System configuration Utility
    • Then choose the option Selective startup
    • Then locate the option Load Startup Items and uncheck the check box
    • Then go to the Services tab
    • check the check box Hide All Microsoft Services
    • Then click on the disable all
    • Then press OK
    Then choose the restart option to restart your computer to fix your problem.

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    Re: Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........

    1.Firstly check the other applications sound.

    2.If you have no problem with other files.

    3.Then the problem is with the game files.

    4.For every game there will be separate audio files.

    5.The audio files of the FSX game may be damaged.

    6.So you try to fix it by re-installing the game.

    Have a nice day............

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    Re: Unable to hear sound while playing FSX games on Windows 7 PC

    Well friend if sound is not coming in a particular game then go through these steps to fix that issue.
    <>first of all you should check the sound of other apps,if the sound is coming then it is the problem of game,so uninstall that game and reinstall.
    <>if the sound is not coming in other apps then it is the sound driver problem then you should update them.
    You will not face the problem.thank you

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