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    Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    My windows system is facing some weird problem for past few days. Whenever I try to install any software in windows 7 an error message “CABINET File Missing” is shown. How will I solve this problem?

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.........

    1.This was the problem of the OS files.

    2.They may be deleted accidentally.

    3.So you insert the OS Cd in your system and then restart it.

    4.While restarting press key.

    5.This will take you to the installation wizard.

    6.There you click 'R' to repair your OS files.

    Have a nice day............

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    Cabinet file or files with .cab extensions are of immense importance to a system installer.

    Those files contains vital data relating the software that is installed, and saved in copressed mode, missing which there will be no data for the software.

    First of all check the to be installed software, wheather its file system is intact or corrupt, as media corruption will make the software corrupt and some cabinate files damaged or missing.

    Insert the Windows Installer CD into the optical drive, boot from it , click Install Now, input a few details and finally select Repair....., the windows will correct itself and after finishing prompt you to remove the disk and boot normally. Do that and then try installing the softwares.

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    Hi Friend,Cabinate files are of the .cab extension into windows file system.>> It contains data of software installer in the compressed form.>>. It supports the installer to provide data while installation of the Software.>> So you need to repair the cabinet files by Inserting the OS bootable DVD into your system.>> Start system in repair mode and follow the instruction of windows to repair.I hope you will understand.All The Best

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    usmankamili Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    Hello Friend, This is a problem of operating system files the file may be deleted from your system there are two ways to deal with the problem and they are below.

    1. Insert the operating system bootable cd in your system and repair your operating system .

    2 . Or you can reinstall operating system on your computer and delete the previous operating system.

    Thank You

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    mohit malik Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    hello dear.........

    1.check your os if it currupted then enter window7 dvd & repair the os.
    2.Login through the administrator account becouse local user have no permission to install any software or do any changement in the system.

    good luck...........

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    You can do system repair by inserting windows 7 DVD and get get back those cabinet files...
    But as you mentioned that you are facing this problem from few days i can suggest you to do system restore.
    here is the process to do system restore.
    click on start.
    type restore.
    select system restore.
    now select the day when your system had worked perfectly..
    click on next.
    now click on restore.

    It will take some time to restore the system .

    Once your system is restarted, you can install the software in your OS.

    happy to assist you

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    Dark Knight Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system


    This might be when the files of the OS are corrupted or missing .

    insert the OS Cd/DVD and restart your device .

    press any key to boot from CD/DVD

    there after select repair OS

    and carry on .

    provide the necessary details and finish the repair of OS .

    Thank you...

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    Hi, Dear friend

    To resolve the above issue follow the below instructions carefully

    1. Insert the windows 7 DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC
    2. then press Delete key at the start up and choose BOOT MENU and select the Boot option
    3. after that after that press F10 key to save the settings ... and then select OK option
    4. after that the PC restarts automatically ... and the press ENTER key to Boot From DVD
    5. and now follow the screen instructions
    6. and after selecting the language layout options click on REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER option that is
    103d1237817449-startup-repair-startuprepair.jpg Windows7Repair_1.jpg

    7. and then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process

    after that your problem will be resolved

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    development Array
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    Re: Unable to install any software on Windows 7 system

    Hi dear Aspirant

    First thing you have to do is check whether the system is Run in the compatibility mode or not

    If it is not in the compatibility mode you can go through the following steps

    -->Right click on the Program in which you want to run in compatibility mode

    -->Their you will find "properties " and then Go to click on "compatibility mode "

    -->Then finally click on the "Run the programs in compatibility mode"

    -->Choose to select "Yes " to make save changes

    If the problem remains there you can perform the "System file checker" (SFC) Scan to your system

    For this "start " -->All programs -->Accessories -->Right click on Administrator

    Then in the command prompt type " sfc/scannow" and finally click on "Save "

    It will completely eliminates the issue

    That is al

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