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    Unable to install SSD driver in windows 7 Ultimate (32-bits)

    I have bought a Samsung SSD of 128 GB capacity. From the day I bought this device,I am trying to install its driver but unable to do it. Only thing which appears before me is an error message "Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in Selected Boot deice and press a key.". Have you seen any such issue before? If yes then what have you done to solve this issue? Does it means that it is not compatible with my windows?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Unable to install SSD driver in windows 7 Ultimate (32-bits)


    This is a complicated problem which needs a bit of investigation.

    Surely pointing to a straight culprit is out of question, you enter the CMOS setup at the very beginning of the booting by pressing any of the keys, Esc. Del. F2. F12 depending on make of the computer .
    Search for the option secondary boot device, check its status and enable it. Save and Exit.

    Connect SSD to the computer and let it detect. If detected then try to install the Driver, else download a new driver logging in to Samsung website and mentioning the model no. and install it afresh.

    Possibly this will help.

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    Re: Unable to install SSD driver in windows 7 Ultimate (32-bits)

    Hello friends..

    For these problem follow my steps..

    First of all un install the previous Software..

    Then install it will be work..

    Basic problem is All ready it's having SSD driver then it's not installing..

    After uninstallation previous SSD driver then it will install..

    For drivers Right click on computer and click on manage..

    Then click on Drivers...

    Right click on that driver and select option uninstall..

    Thank you and All the best..

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