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    Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows XP System.

    I have downloaded the latest version of TeamViewer from internet and when trying to install the same on my Windows XP System, the software won't installs successfully it terminates in between. Then I have tried with an older version of Teamviewer still the same problem, so I have confirmed that the problem is in my machine, provide any solution.

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows XP System.

    friend, you didn't mention what kind of error you get while installing teamviewer in your system..

    and also you didn't mention which Teamviewer version you have tried..

    i suggest you to use teamviewer 6 on XP... I doesn't mean that latest versions will not work in your system but version 6 is stable in windows XP

    if you still face an issue while installing, run an windows update and check whether DotNet and Visual c++ are up to date. Make sure in your system that Java is also upto date..

    Then remove all the traces of failed installation from your system like removing it from registry entry too..

    then restart your system and install version 6...
    this time it should work..

    happy to assist you

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows XP System.

    Hi Friend,

    Problem might be in your problem because you have tried both the Version latest and Older.

    >> Check the Bit compatibility of your Windows XP with Teamviewer.

    >> Sometimes some virus don't allow installation of any Software.

    >> So try to install any other Software into your System.

    >> If it wan't allow you than scan you System with the Help of Good Antivirus.

    I hope you will understand.

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    Re: Unable to install Teamviewer on Windows XP System.

    hello hi..

    First of all Make sure that the set up file is not corrupted .

    or infected with the virus .

    see that it is complete .

    so , Scan the file with the good and reputed antivirus .

    or else ..

    Download the latest and full version of the Team Viewer Software

    and install it .

    see that none of the antivirus program or any third party software is blocking its installation.

    After the installation , restart your device .

    Thank you...

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