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    Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    I inserted the Windows 7 installation disk and started the setup and in the menu where I have to make the partition for the OS. I made two partitions respectively and selected one for the installation but after sometime it failed with some error and restarted. Now when the system boots up I am getting the error message as "BOOTMGR is missing CTRL+ALT+DELETE". Tried again to boot up from disk but I am not able to. Can you tell me what should I do now? How to fix it?

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    Deepu Array
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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    The most common reasons for Boot Manager errors include corrupt and misconfigured files, hard drive and operating system upgrade issues, corrupt hard drive, an outdated BIOS, and damaged or loose hard drive interface cables and check whether the windows 7 dvd is running properly
    To fix this problem check whether all connections are properly connected and Install the windows from new windows 7 Dvd and try again.
    Thank You

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    Make sure you have your BIOS set to boot from the DVD. Reboot the machine to the W7 Upgrade DVD and try one of the 3 methods listed HERE. Personally I like #3.

    If it continues to tell you it cannot create a system partition then let us know.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop



    dear friend,

    Its not the fault of your computer or of the partition.

    Seems like you are using a corrupted windows 7 installation disc.

    To fix this error, You've to repair your system.

    Follow the following steps-

    Insert a bootable windows 7 DVD in the drive.
    When prompted then press any key to boot from DVD.
    Set your language, currency & local time.
    Proceed & select the repair option.
    System Recovery Options dialog box will appear.
    Set the drive on which you've installed the OS.
    Now click on Repair your computer option & select windows 7 to repair.
    From the system recovery option, select the repairing tool.
    Wait until the process ends & then open command prompt from system recovery option.
    Type Bootrec /RebuildBcd in the command line & press enter.

    After the process termination, your computer will auto restart itself & your problem will be solved.

    Hope this info will help you.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    hello friend,
    when you have selected one partition to install and you have proceeded further installation unfortunately your system restarted.
    so due to some error in that os disc like you said that "BOOTMGR" file is missing so
    you try to use another windows 7 genuine disc so you will not come across this problem again.
    Actually this problem mainly occurs when we are not using genuine copy or while copying the to dvd if we keep the writing speed max they will be chance of getting the files missed.
    so always prefer original version
    Finally if you use another windows 7 dvd and try to install in your selected partition your problem will be solved

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    Hey friend,
    The problem of bootmgr missing is due to improper installation of windows.
    when you were trying to install the windows 7 from disk installation process is aborted due to error in the setup or error in the disk.

    now to boot from Disk use these following steps:-

    -first restart your pc and press del key 4-5 times.
    -now enter to the boot sequence option.
    -now select the primary boot device as your DVD rom.
    -now save and exit.

    Now enter the disk having proper installation setup.
    REstart your system it will start booting from the disk.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    hi my dear friend.......the problem is not about the partitions

    the making of partitions does not effect the OS installation ......we can use the One partition also

    so there is a problem with your DISC i think ..........some times if there is a problem in DISC then

    there is also arises error ......first you need to check the DISC and also your ROM

    and if the problem is disc then copy the New disc again and try ......then also problem ....arises

    then perform the memory test...if there is problem in the memory test......then check your HARD DRIVE connections

    ...............ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    Hello Friend..

    I think you didn't partitioning correctly.
    My suggestion is to make partition in you hard disk with the help of Gparted on Ubuntu live and after that try to install the Windows.

    If this process does not help, try to boot with a Partition Magic CD.
    Partition Magic CD basically comes with disk eraser utility in the desktop icons which you will get to see after booting up.
    It is also used to reset SSDs to their factory defaults and helped me erasing disks completely too.

    Hope this will definitely works for you.


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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    From what you have reported about your situation, it seems when you had tried to install the windows 7 in your system drive the error that occured all of a s udden caused the harm in the software.

    The messge "bootmgr is missing" simply means the codes that are absolutely required to take control of the computer to interact to you they are written in those files named io.sys, msdos.sys and command.com which defines ,controles and directs how the computer will interpret and assist the user before other softwares are used.

    Though booting process is the time when even Software handling and interaction with user is also determined.

    So loosing bootmgr file means your computer is unable to "boot", means doesnt know the device chains, softwares and the users and the computer remains dumb.

    You try to insert the disk in the drive and shut down the computer. Turn on again with the windows cd inside the drive , now the computer should start in windows mode, now try to install removing the existing partition and create a new partition the install in custom setup as usual.

    ahope you will be successful.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows 7 OS after making 2 partitions in my laptop

    Before you go to the drive / partition selection screen, press Shift+F10 on your keyboard. You will get a command prompt window. Yes, we are using diskpart again, but we will clean your hard drive and not create new partitions with it (which is what you've probably tried before and didn't work).

    > There, type diskpart.
    > Type list disk to show a list of drives. Find out the one on which you want to install Windows (according to the disk size) and remember the drive number.
    > Type select disk drive number (you can additionally check the selected drive by typing list disk again and having a look at the asterisk which defines the now selected disk.
    > You are now going to completely remove the existing partitions of this harddrive, e.g. loosing the data on it. Just said this to make sure you're not surprised afterwards! E.g., type clean.
    > After this has been done, close the command prompt window (or type exit twice) and proceed to the drive selection screen.

    Hopefully, Windows can work with this "clean" unpartitioned drive now.

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