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    Unable to mute the Windows Media Center on Windows 7

    I have a compaq PC which is powered by Windows 7. I have installed InfiniTV 5 Tuner with a cable card which works well. My problem is with muting the TV. Whenever I want to mute the TV, I use to click mute option which mutes the Windows Media Center. THe Problem is,it is muting the entire Windows system to be in mute. I do not know why this happens. I use to open the sound settings and change the individual sound track everytime. I want to know how to mute the Windows Media Center,this should not affect the sound of the entire window.Please provide me the necessary steps to follow.

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    Re: Unable to mute the Windows Media Center on Windows 7

    Yes,there is no other way other than this to to set mute Windows Media Center alone. Setting mute in Windows Media Center will mute all windows sound. To mute the windows Media Center,click Mute option or press F8 to mute the sound but this will mute the entire windows too.Instead of doing this,reduce the volume control on Windows Media Center which will comes down the volume.You can also use the shortcut keys.Press F9 which will brings the volume down.Press F10 to raise the volume on WIndows Media Center.
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