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    Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    I usually use Chrome browser whenever I try to connect to internet and recently I am just not able to open Chrome browser at all in my Windows 7 OS and I feel hard to use the other browsers. I tried re-installing too but it just shows the same error again and again i.e "The program can't start because COMCTL32.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing the program to fix this problem". What might be the issue behind this problem? Is there any fix available? Please help.

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    sai charan Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Hello friend..........

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.

    The main reason for why are you receiving the comctl32.dll error message is because
    the file may be moved by accident from the computer then the windows operating
    system cannot detect and read them correctly. It could be the file may be moved
    to another locationrather than system32 folder on your system disk.In this case,
    even some normal functions of computer and programs will be affected.

    First thing you should do is to search the file comctl32.dll in your system.
    If you fail to find on your computer download it from safe website or copy
    it from other system with the same operating system.and then place it
    under the C:\Windows\system32 folder.

    If you able to find the comctl32.dll file but in other location it should be a virus
    Which disguise itself on your system as alegitimatesystem filedirectly remove it.
    And you once scan your whole computer and remove all viruses from the PC.

    All the best....

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Hello Friend,

    I will tell you how to get rid of your problem k, don't worry just follow my steps k.

    1.Open google search in any of the browser k.

    2.Now type the missing browser "COMCTL32.dll" and download that file k.

    3.Now place that folder in the google chrome browser installed location k.

    4.Now try opening chrome k.

    5.If it works it is well and good if not then do in this manner k.

    6.Now create new user account and open that account k.

    7.Now delete the previous account k.

    8.And delete the old user account and also all the files with that user account k.

    9.Try to install and open chrome k.

    10.It need's to work now k.

    All the best ............................

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    ajjuravi Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Dear friend,

    >> .dll files are one the very important files in the Computer System.

    >> If the comctl32.dll file is missing from your system, then it will create problem for your system to work properly.

    >> You must restore that file anyhow to make your PC run smoothly.

    >> However, you can do it by using System Restore function.

    >> Just click on Start button and type "System Restore" open it.

    >> Here, choose the best restore point at which your PC was running properly.

    >> After this restore your PC, now you may not face this problem.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7


    Missing a .DLL file means a lot to the Operating System and to you at the end being the user.

    Search for the file from windows search and if found copy that and paste it to c:/windows/system32 folder.

    Scan the computer for any virus infection and clean immidietly.

    You can also download the comctl32.dll from the net going to the Microsoft site and install it to solve the problem.

    Thank you.

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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Dear friends.

    For these problem..

    Many reasons are there..

    If Google chrome not installed properly..

    Then you can Re install that Google chrome..

    If your Google chrome is not supported to your Operating system

    Then you can download previous version of Google Chrome and install it..

    If your Antivirus blocks your Google chrome..

    Then you can un install your antivirus toolbar and now install your Google chrome and after you can install your Antivirus..

    I hope it will help you

    Thank you and All the best..

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7


    To solve your problem you can either:

    1. Restore your computer to an earlier system restore point. Select the restore point before which there was no problem in your system.
    Go to Start> Control Panel> System> Advanced system settings> System protection> System restore. Select an earlier restore point, and then press OK. Restart your PC.

    2. Use a professional uninstall utility that can remove Google Chrome completely. Uninstalling a application with Windows default UnInstaller, there
    are certain files left on your computer still which can interfere with further installation. These utilities cleans a program from the computer completely.
    After uninstalling try to install the browser again. This will solve the problem.


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    MSB Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Hello friend,

    1.First of all go to the control panel and open the programs,

    2.After this go to the uninstalling programs and uninstall the Google chrome in your system,

    3.Then please restart your system and go to the my computer and open the c-drive and >common files>remove the Google chrome temporary folder in your system c-drive,

    4.Now please restart agin your system and open the another browser and install the Google chrome online in your system latest version and you use the normally,

    5.I hope this information use full to you,


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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Hi, Dear friend

    To fix the above error follow the below instructions

    First Restart the PC ......and press F8 key at the start up

    Now choose SAFE MODE and log on to windows with administrator account

    Now go to Start menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> click on Command Prompt

    Now type sfc/scannow and click OK ....and wait for the completion of process

    Possibly .. the above command will fix the ISSUE .......and again if it fails to fix the issue ....simply RESTORE the WINDOWS by the below simple steps ( if you have any restore point )

    start button and go to control panel

    after that click on system and security option

    now choose Backup and restore option

    then click recover system settings or your computer option

    click, open system restore button

    then select already created restore point and click next ......and finally click FINISH button

    if you have any backup image or Repair disc then choose select another backup for restore files option

    then click on NEXT button.......and finally click on FINISH button.........

    And again if it fails to fix the ISSUE CASES >>> REPAIR the Windows ... ...... after that it will be solved

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7


    Well, it seems to me some files are missing from your Google Chrome borwser. You have to uninstall the software from your PC. To do that go to start then control panel then Add/Remove Program and from the program list just uninstall the Goolge chrome from your PC. Now, you have to download the latest version of the Goolge Chrome software from the internat. Install the the Goolge Chrome to your PC. Now, use the Chrome browser to visit your popular internet sites. Your problem will be over.


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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    Hi Friend,>> You are facing problem in starting the Google Chrome in your system.>> You are getting error that some .dll file is missing.>> So must get it from internet or other system that running windows 7.>> Copy it and paste it to System32 folder in your system.>> Then try to open google Chrome.>> Or you can install new copy of windows system for solving the problem.I hope You will understand.All the Best.

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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    I think you should try to restore the system from a point when you were perfectly using the Google chrome on it.So here is what you should do,,,,

    1. Go to My computer and right click on it.

    2. Then go to option saying properties and open it.

    3. There click on the option saying System protection.

    4. And the click on the option of system restore.

    5. After you do that you should click on the option saying Restore.

    6. From there you can restore your system beyond the time when the browser was working on your pc.

    God bless.....

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    Mohanbabu Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7


    For this We have number of reasons..

    your browser may be blocked with antivirus.. check once..

    And your browser is not compatible with your operating system.

    Check your browser once reinstall..

    Check your browser settings also.

    Thank you.

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    Abhijeet Array
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    Re: Unable to open common Google Chrome browser in my Windows 7

    this might be because the chrome is not properly installed in your system

    or may be the compatibility issue

    so first of all go to the start menu

    then to the control panel

    then click on uninstall a program

    select the chrome and uninstall it

    then restart your system

    and remove the google chrome file from the c drive

    then connect to the internet

    download a compatible version of the crome

    then run the setup file

    accept all terms and conditions and install it properly in your system

    and its done

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