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    Unable to print single pages from Windows mail

    I have a strange problem with the windows 8 mail app. When I try to print the the email I don’t get the option of selecting the number of pages. In the print preview i see two or three pages (depending on the mail length) but I am not able to print just the single page. Can anybody help?

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    Re: Unable to print single pages from Windows mail


    This kind of problem might be caused due to printer driver not working well. To resolve that problem try these steps....

    ====>Right click on My computer icon.
    ====>Click on Manage option.
    ====>Under the Computer Management window click on Device Manger.
    ====>Here you will see the all installed hardware as in list under the Device Manager window.
    ====>Find printer and click on arrow just next to it.
    ====>After clicking you will see the printer driver.
    ====>Right click on it and click Update driver software.....
    ====>After following few steps your printer driver software will update successfully.
    ====>After updating of printer driver software your problem will be solve.

    Try this hope this will help you.....

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