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    Unable to receive pictures through hotmail on Windows PC

    I was able to get pictures along with e-mails via my hotmail account on my Windows PC. Since two weeks, the e-mails do not shows any type of pictures. I can view an asterisk inside a box in the place of picture attachments. When I click on it, nothing happens on my system. How can I resolve this issue?

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    Re: Unable to receive pictures through hotmail on Windows PC

    The first step required is to login into your hotmail account with correct username and password. Then, go to the inbox of your account. You can then view ‘Options’ label on that page. Click on it and then select ‘More Options’. After that, locate the ‘Preventing junk e-mail’ label from the current page. Select ‘Safe and blocked senders list’ under that label. Finally, click on ‘Safe senders’ and check whether it is possible to receive pictures after that.

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