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    Unable to remove Babylon search as the default in Windows XP

    I have Babylon as the default search engine. I need to remove it and replace with another search engine. I am unable to remove it as the default search engine. Please, anyone provide me the solution. Thank you for the solution.

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    Re: Unable to remove Babylon search as the default in Windows XP

    Hi !!
    I just examined your problem.but you are not clear which browser you are using which has babylon search as default search.
    and what you want to do is to make google as dafault sarch engine...
    what i expect from your question.

    so don't worry.
    This solution is for mozilla browser:
    1.open mozilla.
    2. go to EDIT option >> PREFERENCE
    3.A dialoge box will be opened
    4. go to GENERAL tab in that.
    5. you will see there HOME PAGE option.
    6. just write it there : http://www.google.com
    7. click OK >> apply
    8.Restart your browser
    now you will get GOOGLE as your default search.

    also do one thing:
    delete babylon search from your browser in order to prevent yourself from future problem.

    1. go to TOOLs in mozilla
    2. select ADD-ON
    3.click on EXTENSION
    4.you will find BABYLON toolbar just remove that,than click ok and save
    restart your browser...

    and do GOOGLING
    have a nice day...

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    Re: Unable to remove Babylon search as the default in Windows XP


      • 1Click the Windows "Start" menu. Type “appwiz.cpl” into the Search field to launch the Add/Remove Programs utility.

      • 2Scroll through the list of installed programs to locate “Babylon Toolbar.” Highlight the entry.

      • 3Click “Uninstall” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the browser add-on. Restart the computer after the process completes.

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