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    Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    I have reinstalled Windows vista(64 bit) version on my computer. There is no issue with the working of this Operating System but it has created a folder named "Windows.old.000". I tried to delete this folder via normal mode and with command prompt as well but failed all the time. I am the Admin of my computer as well but still not able to remove it. What should I do?

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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    Normally, this kind of folder is created when you Install windows on the Same drive without formatting the drive. The simplest method to remove such folder is by running the "Disk Cleanup" utility. To do that, Click on "Start" button and navigate to All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Disk Cleanup. In "Disk Cleanup Options" dialog box, Click on the option which says "Files from all users on this computer". If it ask for the confirmation or credential of admin, Provide the same. As a result, It will show you the "Disk Cleanuprive Selection" dialog box. Here, Select the drive(Where windows.old file is present). Make sure that, an Option called "Previous Windows Installations" checkbox is checked. Once done, Click on "Ok". Sometimes, It ask before deleting any file so allow it(if necessary).
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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    Hi, Dear friend

    Simpy You can go through this steps to ... delete the Windows.old folder

    Restart the PC , press F8 key at the start up

    then log on to windows with admin account....Then try to Delete it or press windows key+R , type cleanmgr and click OK

    now select C:\ drive and click OK...... and now select Windows previous installations option
    click , Ok button ,,,,,and next click Delete button

    Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    You are facing this problem because you have either installed new or upgraded version without removing the previous windows files.
    Sometimes it eats up lots of empty space in your hard disc upto 15 GB , which very huge space.

    But you can get rid of this problem simply by using Disc Clean up Feature of Windows.

    Please follow the steps given below :

    Click OK and then click on Delete Files in the pop up box.

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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    Unable to remove windows old 000.

    To remove this folder from your system you are to do:-

    **First of all you scan your PC with good antivirus soft ware.

    **Delete all virus effected files & Folders then restart your PC.

    **After that you go start menu click the control panel.

    **After that add or less the you will get windows old 000 file.

    **Select it and click the option remove/uninstall

    ** After uninstallation you restart your system.
    then your problem solved.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    Hi aspirant,

    You are facing such problem because:

    *You have installed your Windows OS with the previous remaining intact.
    *Your system affected by viruses that created that folder.

    Solution to your problem are:

    *Go to the all programs and then scroll down to accessories.
    *There you can find the option called system tools click it and then start the disk clean up operation.
    *Then click on the check box beside the files from all the users option.
    *Then locate your file and then start the cleaning process.
    *If it doesnot help you then try to delete it through your anti-virus.
    *Just scan your system and then delete the detected virus.


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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    The file was created as a result of on top installation, that is upgradation of the windows.

    Whenever windows upgrade is done windows collect data from the existing operating system and stores in a file called Windows.old and keeps it safe for the situation if the user wants to roll back to earlier operating system, using this informations.

    It can not be normally deleted as it has some value attached to it.

    To delete this file, use All programs--accessories--system files--disk cleanup,
    here you can see an option delete system files, click that, next click Previous Windows Installation and delete the windows.old folder.
    You can use a third party removal tool like XL Delete from www.en.softonic.com, run that and remove the windows.old.000 folder permanently.

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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    dear friend please use as the following to solve your problem ...

    first you can go through this step ..... delete the window.old folder

    after that reset the you PC and press the f8 key at the start up

    after that you log in to window with the admit account then try to delete i or press window key+r type clean mgr and click OK

    after that you select the c drive and click on the OK option and now select window previous installation option option ........

    then you click on the OK button and next click delete button ........

    hope your problem is solved thankssssssss

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    Re: Unable to remove a folder called "Windows.old.000"

    Commonly, this kind of directory is made whenever you Set up house windows around the Similar push devoid of formatting the particular drive. Easy and simple strategy to eradicate these directory is actually running the particular "Disk Cleaning" utility. To do this, Check out "Start out" option as well as find their way to be able to All of Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>Disk Cleanup. With "Disk Cleaning Options" dialogue box, Go through the choice which often states that "Information coming from all consumers for this personal computer ".Whether or not this request the particular proof or even credential with admin, Supply the same. Consequently, The idea can tell you the particular "Disk Cleanuprive Selection" dialogue box. Right here, Pick the drive(Where windows.old document can be present). Be sure that, a good Alternative referred to as "Former Microsoft windows Installations" checkbox can be checked. When performed, Check out "Ok ".Occasionally, The idea request previous to getting rid of just about any document consequently make it possible for it(if necessary).

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