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    Unable to resolve the Error code 80244019 in Windows XP

    Having issue while trying to get update for windows XP. I posted query on microsoft official link but they are suggesting me to run Microsoft FixIt. Even this tool also not resolving the issue. Can anyone help me on this matter. Need helpful suggestions!!

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    Re: Unable to resolve the Error code 80244019 in Windows XP


    If you receive one of these errors while downloading updates, the most common cause is a computer virus that has turned off Windows Update, or another service on your

    computer that is needed by Windows Update.

    If your computer is infected with a virus, you will need to scan and clean it first, and then restart these services. While your computer might not be infected with a virus,

    it is recommended that you follow steps to scan for viruses, and then turn the services on.

    To restart in Safe Mode and scan for viruses

    When a virus infects a computer, it often blocks the computer's ability to run antivirus programs, or causes those programs to be ineffective. Follow these steps to check and clear any viruses:

    • Restart your computer in safe mode. SeeStart your computer in safe modefor more information.

    • Scan your computer for viruses.

    • Once you've scanned and removed any viruses, restart your computer.


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