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    Unable to restart my Windows Vista OS right after doing the upgrade

    I recently did an upgrade for the Windows Vista OS which came as the notification, now the problem is I am not able to start the PC after this. It just goes off after it comes to the home screen. Any idea why it is happening? How to fix this problem?

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    Re: Unable to restart my Windows Vista OS right after doing the upgrade

    This problem may be occur due to the virus problem or due to windows file corruption.

    TO solve this problem follow these steps:-
    1) insert windows installation disk and repair your windows.
    This will replace your windows corrupted files with the fresh files.
    2)If you dont have installation disk then restore your system to some previous safe point.
    It will also replace your affected files.
    3)download and Install a good antivirus program .
    Keep it upto date so that no virus will affect your system.

    Hope this solution will help you.

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    Re: Unable to restart my Windows Vista OS right after doing the upgrade

    you are facing the eternal problem of halting after an upgrade.
    Do you have the authentic copy or software windows? if you have, you have now three options to recoverwhich i`ll discuss .

    Do a "safe mode boot" by pressing the Function key( F8 ) while the computer starts booting.
    This will enable the computer to boot with minimal drivers and supporting files and if booted successfully, just make an "exit", and restart in normal mode to check the status wheather it boots normally and offers you all possibilities to run windows.
    If fails,
    insert the CD/DVD in the drive and start a repair windows function by choosing the repair option.
    This option generally corrects all problems by repairing device drivers, link library file and othe vital files. But if it still fails,
    Do a fresk installation of the complete windows after backing up all your data`s and formatting the hard drive.

    Thank you.

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