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    Unable to run scheduled tasks in Windows XP

    I am using windows xp. I want some of the programs to run automatically because I do not want to do the task for every time. I know that there is a way to do this settings. My uncle also use to do the same and the tasks have starts by itself on time. So I searched for it but I could not find it. But I know that this should be done in control panel at the same time I do not know where to make this particular changes. Please give me the step by step method to do this settings.

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    Re: Unable to run scheduled tasks in Windows XP

    Yes,you can set the task scheduling. Go to Start and then click on control panel. Check whether it is in category view. IF it is in category view then click on Switch to classic view which is at the top right pane. Now click on Scheduled Tasks. Now the scheduled tasks window will appear. Click on Add scheduled Tasks which will brings you a scheduled tasks wizard. Click on next and add the task, give the necessary details along with time and finish the wizard steps to initiate.
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    Re: Unable to run scheduled tasks in Windows XP


    dear friend,

    You can set different tasks in windows XP to run these automatically.

    Follow these steps to do that-

    Click on the Start Button.

    Navigate to All Program > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler.

    Click on Make a New task option on the Right Pane.

    Give the Location & the Description of the task.

    Set the repeatation of the task as-Daily,Weekly,Monthly,One time only

    Set the mode of the timing by checking Before a user logs on checkbox or Only after the current user logs on checkbox.

    Click on name & you may protect the task by administrator password.

    Now click on OK to save changes.

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