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    Unable to run "Troubleshooting" under Control Panel on Windows 7 System.

    I need to find and fix the problems on my windows 7 system, for this am trying to run the troubleshoot under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Action Center, but clicking on the Troubleshooting option does nothing even after a long wait. I don't where is the problem but tried many times with no success.

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    Re: Unable to run "Troubleshooting" under Control Panel on Windows 7 System.

    Hi friend,
    Troubleshooting is an important part of your windows if their is any type of error in it that means your windows is corrupted. Either you can do following steps-
    - Install a good antivirus and do a system scan
    -that can remove all the viruses.
    - also scan from windows defender
    - if these things not work then
    - reinstall your windows from another windows cd

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