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    Unable to save an Excel File on Windows 7 Ultimate desktop.

    I don't understand what is the problem when trying to save an excel file on my windows 7 desktop, Am using MS Office 2007, the excel files saves fine in other drives of the disk but never saves on desktop and also am not even able to copy and paste the excel file from other drives to desktop. What might be the problem here and how to resolve?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Unable to save an Excel File on Windows 7 Ultimate desktop.

    HI dear friend..........it might be problem of Disk error or ... Ms office

    First of all click the start button ......and type command prompt ...... and right click on it from the start menu and choose RUN AS ADMIN

    now click YES .....after that type Sfc/scannow and press ENTER key........and wait until the completion of process

    after that press windows key+E combination ... and right click on HOME DRIVE which is usually......on C:\ Drive .... and choose PROPERTIES

    now tap on TOOLS tab .....and click the CHECK NOW button under the Error-checking Category

    after that select Scan for and attempt recovery of Bad sectors option .............and finally click the START button

    and wait until the completion of process....... and try again ......and if still the problem persists........ try to re-install the MS office .....and try to check it out again


    ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Surender Gora Array
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    Re: Unable to save an Excel File on Windows 7 Ultimate desktop.

    Whenever you save a new file in excel , it opens up a "Save as" windows , mentioning where to save new file.

    You just have to pick a place/drive to save this new file .

    The problem you might be facing is due to : It automatically choose a location of which you have no idea.
    So, just do it manually , the problem will no longer exist.

    Even if you are facing this problem, you can search for the new saved file in "Windows Search" option.

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Unable to save an Excel File on Windows 7 Ultimate desktop.

    hi friend, if you face this problem recently i suggest you to perform system restore, by doing this you can get back to previous state.
    if still face the problem try uninstalling ms office and also remove all the traces from your system..
    once it is completely removed restart your system and install it again.

    hope you will find the difference after doing this.

    happy to assist you

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    csmoon96 Array
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    Re: Unable to save an Excel File on Windows 7 Ultimate desktop.

    You Follow these steps

    What is the error message while you use the Excel application?

    Try to launch excel in safe mode and check if the issue occurs

    >>Click Start
    >>All Programs
    >>Copy and paste the content below and press Enter:
    Excel /safe

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