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    Unable to save file which saves as read-only

    I use to do lot of document works on my PC. I use Microsoft Office Word 2007 to do it. Now I installed windows 7 and I used windows XP previously. The problem is whenever I save the file, it saves as a read-only file so that I cannot able to access it. Tell the procedure how to overcome this problem and how to avoid such kind of problems too. Is this the problem with the operating system or with the software that I installed!!!

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    Re: Unable to save file which saves as read-only

    This problem arises when the software was wrongly installed. So completely it is a issue with the Microsoft Office where there is no such issues with the operating system. Re-install the entire Microsoft Office. Then open the Word document. Prepare the document as you want. Then go to file and click Save As and then Select the file type at the time you save the file. For Example:.doc for word files, .xis for Excel and so on.
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    Re: Unable to save file which saves as read-only

    hi my dear friend..............to fix this issue ...follow these steps

    first open the file........that is which file is saved as the read only format

    then press the ctrl+alt+s combination from the keyboard


    press the alt+f combination from the keyboard

    then there is a popup will appears at the top of the window

    then choose the save as option from the popup

    after that another popup will appear with the different formats

    in that choose the format depending on your requirement

    after that click on the SAVE button

    then your file will be saved.......in the selected format..................thank you

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