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    Unable to schedule task in windows vista directly

    I had few problems in my vista computer. I am trying to schedule a task but it is really difficult for me to find the task scheduler. To reach there, I always visit "Help and Support" via the start button. In my old windows i.e Windows XP, task scheduler option was present in control panel. Where should I find it in Windows Vista?

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    Re: Unable to schedule task in windows vista directly

    First of all, make sure that You are logged on as an Administrator. Click on "Start Button" and navigate to Control Panel>>System and Maintenance>>Administrative Tools. Double click on "Task Scheduler". It can ask you to enter an administrator password for confirmation so type the credentials. Once done, Click on "Action" menu and choose "Create Basic Task" option. Type a name in the task and an Optional description. Then click on "Next" option. To choose a schedule based on calendar, Click "Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or One time" and choose the "Next" option. In the same way, For scheduling a task based on recurring events, Click "When the computer starts" or "When I log on" and then on "Next". You will find some more options so use the one, which suits you best. Finally, Click on "Finish" and enjoy.

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