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    Unable to see running programs on Taskbar

    I have samsung notebook which is powered by windows XP. It worked fine for about long time. But from a week onwards, I saw all the programs that are running, are missing in the Taskbar while it is running.due to this, cannot able to minimize or maximize any running programs and I have to use shortcut keys to switch the programs. Give me the solution for this and give the reason for this issue !!!

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    Re: Unable to see running programs on Taskbar

    t seems that your computer is affected by virus and you do not have updated Anti-virus too. Some Malicious programs affected your system so that the Taskbar program has been affected with virus. Install any genuine Anti-virus with latest update then do a complete scan on your PC. This will detect the Malicious thread.Once you found, take action on it. If it does not show any affected files then you have to format your system windows XP CD.
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    Re: Unable to see running programs on Taskbar


    dear friend,

    There are several reasons behind this issue.

    Your computer may got damaged with the virus program.

    You must check your full system system with a good quality & working antivirus and take action against the corrupted sectors.

    But only scanning with antivirus may not solve your issue.

    Disable the auto hide properties of the taskbar on your computer.

    It may be the driver issue.

    Turn on your Microsoft Windows Update option (If & only if your OS is genuine) & go for the windows update.

    Also update all of your drivers form the vendor's website.

    Close & disable all the program from notification area.

    Remove all the quick launch applications.

    If nothing works then perform clean boot on your computer.

    Hope clean boot will ultimately help you.

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