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    Unable to send files from Windows XP laptop top mobile through Bluetooth.

    I use a Samsung Chat and lately there has been a transferring issue. I am not able to transfer files from my laptop which has Windows XP Service Pack 3 to my mobile through Bluetooth. What I donít understand is that whether it is the problem with my laptop or my mobile. How do I fix this?

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    Re: Unable to send files from Windows XP laptop top mobile through Bluetooth.

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    dear friend,

    You didn't clear your problem specifically.
    Could you connect your phone and computer via Bluetooth properly.
    Follow the guideline thoroughly & from the beginning to resolve the issue.
    Pair your phone & computer.
    Open the Bluetooth settings in your computer.
    Now click on "Receive a file" or "Send a file" option.
    Turn ON both the phone's Bluetooth option & make them discoverable.
    Your computer will start searching a Bluetooth device.
    Now double click on the device name which you can see on your screen.
    Provide the pairing password. Provide the same password in your phone to make a pairing.
    If you can't pair then delete all the older paired devices from your phone.
    After pairing, you've to confirm to receive the file (in both the cases-i.e if PC or the phone is the receiver).
    Wait for some time while it transfers the files.
    Switch off all the Bluetooth application after this.
    If it doesn't work then uninstall your Bluetooth driver.
    Upgrade to the latest & re-install it.
    After that, restart your computer & then try to transfer the files.

    Hope this info will help you.

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    Re: Unable to send files from Windows XP laptop top mobile through Bluetooth.

    First of all you need to trace the source of the problem, to do that just use common logic. Attach your mobile phone to another PC and transfer via bluetooth, again get another phone from somewhere to be attached to your laptop and try to transfer via bluetooth. this will give you clear idea on the suspect.
    If both works fine in another environment then do what i`m suggesting now.

    You need to remove the third party bluetooth software installed and again install it, else download a fresh copy of the driver file from the Microsoft official website and install it.
    Windows XP overwrites the existing third-party Bluetooth driver with the device driver that is included with Windows XP.

    simply uninstall the Bluetooth drivers, rename it to xyz.inf and re-install Bluetooth drivers. Everything should work just fine.

    Try them.

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