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    Unable to set instances on Windows phone 7 due to error "Cannot create instance of '<usercontrolname>'

    I have recently bought a mobile which is powered by windows 7. I have created user control on this windows mobile. I created this control when I am parsing some data. Now the problem is. I can’t make any instances of that user control. When I try to drag and drop the user control to make instances. it shows an error. When I remove parsing from the user control then I am able to make instances. The error shown is `"Cannot create instance of '<usercontrolname>'
    I want to know the problem behind this. I also want to make instances on my created user control. Please give the solution right for it. Thank you !!!

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    Re: Unable to set instances on Windows phone 7 due to error "Cannot create instance of '<usercontrolname>'

    It seems that you have error with your newly coded user control. You should not have any operation on the codes which may throw user control constructor. Sometimes the WPF designer preview may be in problem. The WPF designer may not be able to render your created application if the user control implementation does not follow design guide. If the application does not follow design guide then the application program and the WPF designer will behave differently. At this time, it won't allow you to use page preview too. So make sure that you follow the design guide then proceed further.
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