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    Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    I have recently installed some updates into my PC running on Windows Vista. Since then, it is not possible to shut down the system using start button. When I select ‘Shut down’ option after pressing ‘Start’ button, system restarts automatically. How can I resolve this issue?

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    Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    Create a power plan and apply it to your system. Click the ‘Start’ button to make the start menu visible on the screen. Navigate through that menu and click on ‘Control Panel’ option. Once you can see ‘Control Panel’ window, locate ‘System and Maintenance’ option from it and click on it. Hit the ‘Power Options’ option afterwards and click on ‘Create a power plan’ option in the task pane. Choose the plan according to your need from the ‘Create a power plan’ page. Then, type plan name into the ‘Plane name’ box and then press the ‘Next’ button. Configure both display and sleep settings for your PC as per the need on the ‘Change settings’ page. Click ‘Create’ button after that and make certain that the power plan you want to use with your PC is already selected.

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    Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    HI my dear friend, to solve this issue .......go this way

    first press the windows key+r and type gpedit.msc and press ENTER key

    then select the Administrative templates under the computer configuration at the left pane

    then double click on windows components folder at the right pane

    then scroll down and select and open the shut down options folder

    now double click on Turn off shutdown interface file and select the option ENABLED

    and then click the OK button ................and your problem will be resolved ...ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Smile Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button


    You can shutdown by pressing Alt+F4 keys.
    When you'll do so,you'll get options of Restart,Log Off and Shut Down.
    Select the option for "Shut Down"


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    Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    You can also use the below alternate method:
    1. Minimize or close any active open window(s) and go to the Desktop.

    2. Press Alt + F4.

    3. Click on the drop down arrow to select the option you want or use the Tab key and the Up and Downarrow keys to.

    4. Click on OK or press Enter to run the selected option.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    it seems that after update, some settings have been changed from your computer.
    To shut down your computer by pressing the power button of CPU,go to control panel/power options.
    To the left hand side are some options.The third option is present as "choose what the power buttons do".
    Click that option and then from the drop down list menu, select "Shut down".
    And then click "save changes"...
    And Done!!

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    Re: Unable to shut down Windows Vista with start button

    irst you could unplug your ethernet cable and if it doesn't reboot ... here may be the problem. The following worked for me, but I didnt try unplugging the cable first.
    Open Network and Sharing Center
    In the Left Panel select >> Change Adapter Settings
    R-Click on Local Area Connection >> Properties >> Configure
    Advanced Tab
    Under Property (listbox):
    select >> Shutdown Wake-On-Lan
    In the Value (dropdown list): (change to) Disable

    or try......................

    ) Safe Mode with Networking
    > I noticed nothing special when launching the laptop in safe mode. Everything went smooth. Unfortunately when I asked the laptop to shut down, it restarted itself automatically as previously mentioned.

    2) System File Checker in Command Prompt
    The check did not find any corrupt files.
    I got the following message: "Windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations."

    3) System Restore
    Unfortunately I do not have any restore points available that would be older than the problem.
    If it is any help, the problem started on April 20th. And on the same day a windows update was installed: "Definition update for windows defender - KB915597 (definition".

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