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    Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7

    Even after trying so much, I am not able to uninstall imesh from my laptop running on Windows 7. I keep getting the message “imesh is still running or stored in memory” while uninstalling it. Is there any way available to fix up this issue?

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    Re: Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7

    Go to the bottom left most part of the desktop and locate the ‘Start’ button. Click on that button until you can view a start menu on the screen. Navigate through the options available on that menu and select ‘Programs’ from it. This will bring up a list of programs installed on your PC. Check that list and click the ‘iMesh’ option from it. You can then find ‘Uninstall iMesh’ option. Make a single click on that option to uninstall iMesh from your PC.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7

    :: First of all close current window panel.

    :: Then go to the window start and open it.

    :: Now select the "Settings" and then open the "Control Panel" option.

    :: Once it opens, locate the “Programs" option.

    :: After that find the I Mesh and on the uninstall option.

    :: This will remove the i Mesh from the PC.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7

    hi dear friend..............to fix this issue

    first press the ctrl+shift+ESC combination from the window

    then task manager windows will be opened in that choose the APPLICATIONS tab

    then select the Imesh from the list and right click on it

    after choose END TASK option from the popup

    And if the Imesh not there in the list ......then choose the PROCESS tab

    and click on SHOW PROCESSES FROM ALL USERS option from the bottom of the task manager window

    there you find the Imesh.exe process and right click on it and select the END PROCESS option

    after that press windows key+r and type appwiz.cpl in the run box and press ENTER key

    then choose the Imesh program from the list ......and right click on it ........select UNINSTALL option

    and follow the simple instructions and ...........remove the program from your PC

    ALL THE BEST............!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7


    to un-install just fallow these steps.

    goto start menu

    -select controle pannel.

    -select add(or)remove programme.

    -select the programme you want to un-install.

    -select un-install the programme.

    -now you can remove the programme.

    hope helps for u.

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    Re: Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7


    You wish to uninstall imesh from your computer which is no t a complicated issue, though the program to be uninstalled must be there in the computer untouched.

    Means any manual removal of files using delete command which can delete a few files but will not remove completely neither the registry entry will be removed.

    So assuming you didn`t delete any file under imesh folder,follow the said path:

    CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAM > select imesh from the given list and UNINSTALL. This will completely remove the program and edit the registry entry for you.


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    Re: Unable to uninstall imesh from Windows 7

    To resolve your uninstalling problem, first lets make sure the program is installed correctly:
    Re-Install the latest version of iMesh from http://www.imesh.com/.
    After the installation was completed, please uninstall iMesh.
    Go to: 'C:\Program Files\iMesh Applications\iMesh' and double click on 'UNWISE'.
    If the uninstall process still didn't run properly, please do the following:
    1. Open the iMesh folder on your computer (by default: 'C:\Program Files\iMesh Applications\iMesh').
    2. Locate a file called "Install.log".
    3. Move (cut and paste) the "install.log" to your desktop.
    4. Double click the uninstaller (uninstall.exe or unwise.exe)
    5. It will ask you to open the installation log. Locate to the "install.log" file which you saved on your desktop.
    6. Now, uninstall will work fine and you can uninstall the program.

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