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    Unexpected black screen appears after Windows logo on Windows 7.

    Every time I boot my PC everything is normal only until the Windows 7 logo appears. After that is gone a black screen appears .I cannot even see the mouse pointer and the system becomes unresponsive. Is this the problem associated with the monitor or my OS? Or else what is the reason and how can I fix this?

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    Re: Unexpected black screen appears after Windows logo on Windows 7.

    *After *install of Windows 7 on a blank hard drive, PC would boot fine
    to fix this error firstly log in, and then go to a black screen with *white cursor.
    Then follow the following steps:-
    1. Reboot holding down F8
    2. Boot in safe mode with networking
    3. Google for latest driver for video card manufacturer (Nvidia) and Windows 7
    4. Download and install new driver
    5. Reboot

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    Re: Unexpected black screen appears after Windows logo on Windows 7.

    Identification of you trouble source is not tough but the fact is that it is a real bad one.

    The problem is possibly emerging out of a bad Display Driver file. which you need to remove from the settings but it is not easy as you cant find them unless visibility is normal in yor system.
    You can boot in Safe Mode by pressing F8 while starting the system and in that mode try to enter the control panel And device manager and so on which is a standard procedure but i`m not sure if you will see anything with a corrupt display driver.
    So my best suggestion is to Install Windows once again with a custom setting so that all the drivers are loaded with complete ease of handling.
    Thanking you.

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    Re: Unexpected black screen appears after Windows logo on Windows 7.


    dear friend,

    There are several reasons behind this problem.

    If there is any CD/DVD in your CPU in the CPU that you've forgotten to remove.

    Boot sector or Master boot record or NTLDR file or Partition tables got corrupted during the boot sequence.

    There are some ways which you can try to solve this problem-

    At first check your DVD drive that is there any CD DVD running or not.

    Scan your full computer with a good antivirus & take action against the corrupted sectors.

    Reset your Master boot using fixmbr program in the recovery console.

    If nothing works then go for windows installation repair-

    • Insert the OS DVD into DVD drive & restart your computer.
    • Press any key to boot from DVD.
    • Go to BIOS setup & select windows repair option.
    • Press R to repair your windows.
    • Provide the product key to initialize the process.
    • Now wait till it finish the task.
    Hope this will help you.

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    Re: Unexpected black screen appears after Windows logo on Windows 7.

    hi my dear friend................the error may be with the windows OS

    and also there are two types

    One is if the OS corrupted then also the error like black screen appears

    and another one is If the windows is not genuine or Expires .....then also the black screen Error appears


    restore your PC to resolve the issue

    and for the restoration ..... first click the start menu and open the control panel

    and after click the system and security option

    then choose the backup and restore option

    then click on the restore system settings or computer option

    then click open restore option and click NEXT

    after SCAN for the Error and select it ......click next

    finally click save and RUN option ........then the process will begins.....

    and wait untill .......the completion of process........

    then your problem will be resolved.........


    first click the start menu and right click on my computer and choose properties

    there you see the ...if the Windows is Expires or not ......and if it Expires

    Then ENTER your NEW product key .....to resolve the issue

    and for the product key ....you need buy....in the ONLINE..................thank you

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