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    Unusual typing of Keyboard in Windows XP

    In my home I have lenovo desktop pc Windows XP having multimedia keyboard of lenovo brand. It is of 3 years old now and I am facing some problem in using it as while I am typing key then it will type another character instead of correct one. Please anyone help me to solve this .

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    Re: Unusual typing of Keyboard in Windows XP

    Hello Friend,

    Well, there is some hardware problem with your keyboard. It is time you should replace your keyboard with good one such as TVS Gold. Keyboard problem is a major issue and to sort out the issue you either have to repair the keyboard or replace it with a new one. but still you should call a lenovo technician and and request him to check the keyboard.If there is any issue with the keyboard he will tell you instantly. It is walys better to to take the help of a professional in situation like this.


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