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    Update virus database failed in Windows XP

    I am using Avast 7 antivirus in my pc. Whenever I want to update Avast virus database, I am getting an error message of slow internet connection even my connection is of broadband connection. Early virus database update automatically now it is not update from manual. Suggest me some way to solve this problem.

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Update virus database failed in Windows XP

    Hello Friend,

    Well, there is some problem in internet connection or your Avast 7 antivirus. First you should check whether your broadband net connection have any issue with spped and connectivity. If there is no such issue then the problem lies in the avast antivirus. You should open Avats antivirus control panel and check whether automatic update option is enabled or not. Sometimes, if you disable auto update option you have to update your antivirus database manually.

    I do believe there is some issue with your broadband connection as sometimes the speed pf broadband is very erratic. Hopefully, by performing the above check up you will be able to determine the cause of the problem.


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    Sivasakthivel Array
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    Re: Update virus database failed in Windows XP

    *Regarding this problem*

    *you can set the update like manual or custom..
    *must need for internet connection..
    *so increase your internet speed.
    *after to try anti virus update..
    *it surely update without fails..
    *it update successfully..

    it surely help you..

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Update virus database failed in Windows XP

    What you are encountering due to internet connectivity error while Updating Virus Database, in your system,might be as a result of some trash programs generated into the system and causing the connectivity error.

    For a fix try this.

    Click Start, in the search box type cmd, press enter.
    Right click cmd,
    Select Run As Administrator,
    Type sfc / scannow and press enter. Let the utility fix any system file related error present in the system.

    If the above measure fail to provide any result, go for the next,

    Click Start--All Programs--Accessories--System Tools--Disk Cleaner, run the tool and clean the system.
    Exit and reboot , try updating the antivirus. It should respond except the Antivirus Updater is corrupt.
    You need to install another version of Antivirus to fix the problem then.

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Update virus database failed in Windows XP

    Hi Friend,

    >> You are not able to update Virus Database in Windows XP.

    >> So check that Antivirus in Working Well in your System.

    >> Then Check the Access right of your account in the System.

    >> Also check setting of the Antivirus and Go to Update setting.

    >> If Manual update is disabled then enable it.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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    shubhamnema Array
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    Re: Update virus database failed in Windows XP

    hello friend

    follow this steps and find your solution

    1.friest you connect internet properly.

    2.now check your internet speed

    3.now check your antiviruse renew date.

    4.also check your antivirus running properly or not,on your pc

    5.wait some time,it may be server's problem.

    i hope it will helps you...........

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