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    Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista

    I am not able to print from my PC running on Windows Vista even though I have added printer to it. Now, I am planning to update the printer drivers to resolve this issue. What should I do to update it?

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    Re: Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista

    You should first of all open ‘Printers’ by performing the following steps consecutively.
    • Click on ‘Start’ button
    • Go to the ‘Control Panel’
    • Select the option ‘Hardware and Sound’
    • Then Click on ‘Printers’
    After that, you should perform right click on the printer for which you need to update the driver. Then, you should click on ‘Run as administrator’ option. You should then click on ‘Properties’ option from the given items. You have to type the password or give confirmation, if prompted. The next step required is to click on ‘Advanced tab’ option. Finally, you should click on ‘New Driver’ option and follow the steps specified by ‘Add Printer Driver Wizard’.

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    Re: Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista

    put your installation cd which came with your printer or you can download driver from the printer support center or install " driver reviver" software which automatically checks and installs/updates drivers

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    Re: Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista

    Please visit PRINTER manufacturer official site and get the updated driver for your operating system

    If the driver was not install automatically then u follow these steps,

    You can update your driver by using DRIVER UPDATE WIZARD,

    Follow the steps to get DRIVER UPDATE WIZARD,

    > click on START

    > right click on MY COMPUTER and Then MANAGE

    > click on DEVICE MANAGER

    > Right click which driver u want to update or Right click on yellow question mark for example if you want to update Display Driver then do right click on "Video Controller" (This driver belong to my computer u may have different one) and then Click on UPDATE DRIVER.

    > You will get a new window called HARDWARE UPDATE WIZARD,

    > Click on "Yes, this time only"

    >Click on "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"

    > Then Do Check mark on both the box,

    # "Search removable media (floppy,CD-ROM...)" if you check on first box you can update driver via CD-ROM

    # "Include this location in the search" in this option you can update the driver through any location in your computer.

    # Click on BROWSE to give the path of your driver location,

    > installing the driver,

    > After successfully installing the driver click on finish,

    Good Luck
    Your Friend

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    Re: Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista

    Hey Friend...

    You can update the drivers for you printers in Window Vista through following ways..
    Please have a look and try this...

    How To Update Vista Printer Drivers



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    Re: Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista

    You can easily update the printer driver using one of the following processes.

    Do move to My Computer, then Manage , again to Device Manager , and Display Driver and Update from that point.

    Go to internet and browse to reach Microsoft official site and download a fresh copy of printer driver for windows and install.

    Insert your printers own disk that should contain driver file to run the printer, Install that from the cd and once finished remove disk from optical drive and reboot the windows.
    Also you can go to the printer manufacturers site to download a fresh and current compatible driver to install and get complete functionality.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Updating Printer Drivers on Windows Vista


    dear friend,

    Follow these steps to update your printer driver-

    Click on the Start button.

    Go to Control Panel.

    Switch to the category view & click on Hardware & Sound option.

    From the list, click on Devices & Printers.

    Open the menu & click on Drivers tab.

    Check for the installed Printer Driver list.

    Right click on the driver which you want to update & click on the Replace option.

    Click on yes & it'll download all the updates.

    You may also download it from the official website of the printer company which printer you are using.

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