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    "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    Hi, i have been using Windows 7 Ultimate Version for the past few months. I tried to plug-in my Transcend 8GB Pen drive in my USB slot. But, it is showing error as “USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED”. I tried to plug-out and put it in another slots of USB but still it is showing the same error.. Can Somebody help me to solve this problem?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    When you have purchased the USB device didnt you checked for its condition, or possibly it was in a box pack sealed.
    Anyway the answer possibly is a defective pen drive.
    Take it to another computer and try to incert it in the slot there, if the message is same sure its bad.
    Else, the slots of your computer should be tested.
    After testing USB drive take it to the seller and tell him to replace it.
    Thats it.
    Thank you.

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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    If you know that your USB device dont have the problem still it giving error that it is not recognised:-So that to sove this problem first have to start with the normal fixing methods, including uninstalling the drivers for my devices and reinstalling them. That didn’t work! Next I tried System Restore thinking that maybe I had installed something and it caused a conflict with the USB system drivers. That didn’t work!In order to fix this problem you should go to Device Manager and uninstall all of the devices under USB Controllers. Restarted the computer, reinstalled the USB drivers but still if it will not solve the problem have have to check the motherboad. The small microprocessor on the motherboard will reload the drivers and your USB ports should be back to recognizing all devices!So first turn off your computer using Shut Down or pressing the power button and then UNPLUG it from the wall outlet. Let it sit for about a minute and then plug it back in.It will solve the problem

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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    As all the hardware devices have drivers associated similarly USB devices also have it. Sometimes proper drivers do not get detected after the initial installation so reinstallation of the drivers helps resolve the issues.and disconnect all removable disks and now follow the steps:
    1)open control panel and click System and maintenance and click on system and device manger
    2)In Device Manager, double click to expand "Universal Serial Bus controllers", right click on the Host Controller, click "Uninstall" and click "OK".
    3)Repeat the step 2 to uninstall all items under "Universal Serial Bus controllers". Then, restart your computer and Windows 7 will reinstall all USB controllers automatically.
    by this your problem can be fixed
    Thank You

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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    hi my dear friend.....there may be a problem with a pendrive or USB slot

    and there are two ways to check ..........the problem either the pendrive or USB slot.........for that follow these


    first press the windows key +r and type in that devmgmt.msc and press enter

    then in that device manager window choose the last option that is universal serial bus controllers

    then expand it and check the usb roots whether they enabled or not .....by double clicking

    if they disable then enable it.............but if they are enabled.....then there is a problem with your hardware

    if the USB roots are not appeared then ....you need to install the usb drivers.


    instead of pendrive connect the another device

    if its working properly then there is a problem with your pendrive

    then also is case of another device..........if it shows the same message then there is problem with your usb slot


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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    usb-logo.jpg USB3.jpg

    dear friend,

    At the time of USB drive installation,the computer takes some time to supply power to the USB drive.

    If somehow your USB drive doesn't get initialized properly then you can get this error message.

    Remove USB drive from your computer & then re-insert.

    Give the PC some time to install the device.

    If you see the same problem after that, restart your computer & then try.

    If it also doesn't work then go for system restore.

    Follow these steps to recover your system.

    Hope previously you've made the restore point.

    Click on the Start button.

    Go to Control Panel.

    Click on System & security then click on Restore & Backup option.

    Then click on Recovery system settings or your computer option.

    System restore window will appear.

    Now select a good restore point & proceed the steps as prompted.

    Click on Start to initialize the process.

    After successful restoration your computer will ask for restart.

    Restart your system & check for the problem.

    Hope this'll be solved now.

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........

    1.Firstly check that your USB port or the USB drive have any problem.

    2.If you have no problem with that the go to the desktop.

    3.Then go to the Start menu.

    4.Make a right click on 'My Computer' and click on 'Manage'.

    5.Now a new window will open.

    6.Then you go to the 'Device Manager'.

    7.There you select the 'Universal Serial Bus Driver'.

    8.Then make a double click on 'USB Root Hub'.

    9.Then you click on 'enable' and press 'Apply' and then 'OK'.

    Even if it don't work then do the same process till 8 point.

    10.Then you go to the 'Driver' tab.

    11.There you click on 'Update Driver' for this you need the internet connection.

    Have a nice day..............

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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC


    Hope you all are fine ..

    First of all check the USB that you are inserting is proper and not damaged

    Right click on the My Computer icon > Select Manage

    * device manager

    * select the USB ( Universal Serial Bus Drivers )

    * Update the drivers

    * make sure that the internet connection is enabled .

    * restart your device after that .

    * Thank you...

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    Re: "USB Device Not Recognized” Error in Windows 7 PC

    Hello my dear friend ----------

    Some times the problem will be solved by this method

    For this Go to "device manager " and " Uninstall all the devices under USB and Reinstall later

    If the remains their you can Go to the following method

    It is problem with the " Mother board " Including USB port is also connected to the mother board

    Some times All teh ports goes wrong it is stop working

    So my best suggestion is to "Turn off " your system with a Shutdown option or power Press button

    Then you have Unplug the " Charging " completely it is sae mode

    Now wait for a while Then " Restart " your system

    Please Go trough the above method it will be useful to you

    That is all

    Good luck

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