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    USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    I use a Lenovo laptop running in Windows 7. For convenience I use a USB mouse. I recently noticed that the settings of my USB mouse reset each time I reboot the system. I have to set the pointer speed again and again after each reboot. The problem occurs when the mouse is connected. My Touchpad settings also get reset in the same way. Is there any way to fix this issue?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    There can be several issues responsible to the problem that you are encountering.

    Try this to overcome the problem if that helps.

    Scan the system using a quality antivirus, clean it thoroughly for safety and sanity of the system.

    remove the driver by this method, then UPDATE DRIVER to load the latest driver to your system. Likewise,
    log into the www.lenovo.com and find tge drivers section, select the Driver For Touchpad of your specific laptop model, download and install to solve the problem for both the touchpad and mouse .

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    navjotsidhupamal Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    Hello friend,

    This problem exits due to lot of viruses.

    To remove this problem,you have to scan your whole system(computer) with a good antivirus.I think NORTON is a good antivirus.

    You can also get rid from this problem by recover your windows or by re-installing your windows.

    You can also solve this problem by uninstalling the device driver means the mouse driver.

    To uninstall the drivers for mouse,you have to go for:

    1.Go to start button.

    2.Then open the control panel.

    3.Go to system and security.

    4.Then over device manager.

    5.Then select MOUSE.

    6.Then click on "Driver".

    7.Select Uninstall.

    I think after uninstalling the driver,and when you update them or re-install them,then you will find yourself out of this problem.

    Thank u!!

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot


    It seems to me one of the following factors are responsible for the Mouse problem. May be your
    PC has a lot of virus and they are the reason behind the erratic behaviour of the mouse.You should
    intall a good anti-virus such as Kaspersky or AVG and scan the system for the possible virus attack.

    Another reason being the driver of the Mouse. You should update the drive and see wheather you are
    having the sameproblem again or not.


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    daveanmol Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    Hey , I advise you to

    First , uninstall your mouse devise driver from you computer .
    > You can do this by clicking on start button , then go for control panels , click on programs(Uninstall a program) , then check for your mouse device driver that you have install previously and uninstall it.

    Secondly , download a more latest and complete device driver for your mouse you can download it from the given website www.filehippo.com and then try to install it.

    I'm sure this will work for you

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.........................

    1.Firstly make a right click on the 'My Computer'.

    2.Then you click on the option 'Manage'.

    3.And a new window will open there you click on the option 'Device Manager'.

    4.Then you open the properties of the Mouse drivers.

    5.Then you try to go to the 'Driver' tab and the click on 'Update Driver'.

    Have a nice day.......................

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    MSB Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    Hello friend,

    Its not a big problem,please first of all connect your usb mouse in your windows 7 lenovo laptop,

    After this go to the windows 7 desktop and open the control panel,

    Then please open the system and security,

    now you open the device manager and open the mouse driver and update the driver,

    After this restart your lenovo laptop and you use the normally,

    I hope this information use full to you,


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    development Array
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    Re: USB Mouse settings reset after every reboot

    Hello my dear Friend ------------

    First Go to Check the " Scan for Viruses " by using Number of Anti virus software's

    Before get into process Avoid all the virus with predominant software's

    Then " Restart " System after " Turn off " and Plug off the Power button

    If the problem remains there Go to " Start "menu and then Click on "Control panel"

    Then choose to select on the " Hardware and sounds " now it will open a window with number of options

    Here you can see the "Devices " and click on "Mouse " which is at the third option

    Now it will open a new window having Mouse setting option

    Make changes in the settings of the mouse then Clickon "Ok " to confirm the save changes

    That is all

    Good luck

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