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    Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    Since I’m on travel, I have been trying to send some photos to my friends through Facebook messaging. I could do the same on a PC but cannot share it on my phone now. The only thing that I can share is the location. All the rest of them look disabled. How can I send photos using this windows phone?

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    Re: Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    The Windows phone does not have an option for doing so. If it is just that you want to share the photos you could do it by uploading it directly on Facebook. You could tag your friends in it so that it would appear on their timeline and they would not miss out on it. If it out of the privacy issue that you don’t want to do it, there are still more options to get your photo there. There are many Facebook support apps available in the market nowadays. You could use one of them. You could create a Skydrive folder and upload your photos into it and share it with the friends you want so that only they would be able to see. You could also do this by creating an album and then editing its security settings to open up to a certain group only and form a group of those friends whom you want to show the photos to.

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    Re: Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    Dear guest,its a sad thing to inform you that windows phone actually doesn't let you upload a picture using the browser. And due to this you can't send any picture to your friend in the message section. You can only upload the picture from your pictures hub and tag it to your friend. But this won't be a private picture. It will be visible to all those who view your timeline..The other option is that you can email the pictures to your friends. Just tap on the picture for a long duration. And a menu pops up. Select share, and then select your email. You will be directed to your email. Type in the email address and the picture will be sent as an email attachment.Else ther is an option for SkyDrive. Upload your picture there and then share the picture with your friend as a link. So that he can download it.Thank you...

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    Re: Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    Dear friend,
    well this is a problem in windows phones that they could not provide all these features.
    you can share your photos by uploading them on your Facebook account.but the photos will be publicly visible to every one.To set privacy on your photos you can use "custom" option or you can email your photos to your friends.

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    Re: Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    To share photos on Face book you can directly upload your photos in Face book account

    To send photos through Facebook in windows phone follow these steps

    • Go to the home screen
    • Enable the wifi connections
    • Then tap on pictures
    • Find the photos or videos you want to share
    • Then click onMore option
    • Then select the option share
    • Then tap on the social network Facebook
    • Tap on the text box to type caption
    • Then tap on upload
    You can also use share on Facebook option to change this go to pictures>More>settings>Quick share account>then select Skydrive or Facebook

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    Re: Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    dear user try this**********

    This kind of problem might be caused due to corrupt installation of the Facebook app. To solve that problem try these steps..

    *********Open folder where Facebook app are installed.

    *********Select the app and tab on Delete.

    *********Facebook app will delete after doing so.

    *********Now connect your phone with the internet.

    *********Download new latest version of Facebook app.

    *********Install that app into your phone.

    *********Now use that Facebook app.

    *********This time you will get proper response

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    Re: Using Facebook to send photos on Windows phone

    From your phone you have no liberty of that, can't help it.

    If you want, download Facebook App and add your friend and family members to your facebook account,
    select the broadcast as Public, and attach the photo or photoes and post them in your post. All of your added accomplices will get to see those pictures.

    Attaching photoes with e-mail that you can send from your handset is another option.

    Taking assistance from the cloud computing, by creating account in Skydrive and store your photos there and letting others know the link can be another way to let others experience your picture taking skill.

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