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    Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?

    dear sir how to use hyper terminal in windows 7 ?? please tell me sir

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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?

    Hello my friend,
    I am afraid that hyper terminal is removed from windows vista onwards hence you cannot use HYperterminal in windows 7.
    however there are tools available for it like Tera Term (Pro).It is free software.


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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?

    Follow these steps:

    If you previously used hyper terminal to troubleshoot modem problems

    3.If you need all the features of hyper terminal the developer provides a trail version.
    4.TERA TERM is another software which provides all the features of hyper terminal.

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?

    To use the hyper terminal in window 7 we have to follow following steps:-
    1.Click on *the "Start" button , and choose "Control Panel".
    2.Then select "Hardware and Sound", and then choose "Phone and Modem Options".*
    3. To get all the features of HyperTerminal, we can use the trial vesion of Hyper Terminal Private Edition.
    4. Realterm is a terminal program specially designed for capturing, controlling and debugging binary and other difficult data streams. It is far better for debugging comms than Hyperterminal. It has no support for dialing modems, BBS etc which is what hyperterminal does.
    we can also use tera term for to HyperTerminal.

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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?


    If you want to use hyper terminal in your windows 7 then i would like to tell you some steps for this which will help you to use the hyper terminal communication in your computer ...

    The steps which you have to follow are given below :

    - Firstly open control panel
    - In that you have to click on hardware and sound option
    - After that choose phone and modem option
    - Yo can use different software which allow you to use hyper terminal into your pc
    - These softwares are hyper terminal private edition , realterm , tera term


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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?

    hello friend . ..

    you can easily access the hyper terminal after setting small settings.
    Now follow these instructions carefully

    to prevent user from the starting hyper terminal by using group policies.
    now follow these steps carefully.
    1. Open the Local group privacy policies from start menu. ( type group privacy policies ) it will coming.
    group privacy policies.jpg
    2. go to User settings .
    3. Go to Administrative templates .
    4. go to system .
    5. Click on details panel.
    6. Click on Don't run Specified Windows applications .
    7. Click on Enabled.
    8. Click on Show.
    9. Click on Add.
    10 type the hypertrm.exe
    11. Restart your system once.

    The benefits are coming from hyper terminal .
    1. Specific information sent or received:
    When using HyperTerminal for Telnet connectivity, the user ID and password are sent in plaintext format (as with all Telnet connections). If files are being transmitted, only the protocol, terminal emulation data, and file-specific binaries are sent. The computer running HyperTerminal is identified by its IP address when the connection type is TCP/IP. The computer is not uniquely identified when the connection type is not TCP/IP.

    2. Default settings: HyperTerminal is installed by default on computers running Windows XP Professional with SP2. To remove or uninstall HyperTerminal, see "Controlling HyperTerminal to Prevent the Flow of Information to and from the Internet," later in this section.

    3. Triggers: When HyperTerminal is set to automatically answer incoming connections, a file transfer can be initiated if the Zmodem transfer protocol is used. Otherwise, communication through HyperTerminal is only triggered when the user deliberately initiates it.

    4. User notification: After a user starts a HyperTerminal connection session, the status of the connection that is currently open within HyperTerminal is displayed in the HyperTerminal title bar. The status of the file and text transfer is displayed in the HyperTerminal window during the transfer process. HyperTerminal does not display connection or transfer status information when the automatic download feature of the Zmodem protocol is used. For more information about the HyperTerminal automatic download feature, see "Overview: Using HyperTerminal in a Managed Environment," earlier in this section.

    5. Encryption: Information sent or received by HyperTerminal is not encrypted.

    6. Transmission protocol and port: The protocols used are Kermit, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, and Zmodem transmissions protocols on port 23.

    7. Ability to disable: You can disable HyperTerminal by using the procedures in "Controlling HyperTerminal to Prevent the Flow of Information to and from the Internet," later in this section.

    All the best
    Thanks . . .

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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?


    yes to follows the Hyper terminal windows 7:

    to content the focus in a way of the follows them:

    --> first of you go to the control panel and

    --> To select the hard ware and sound and options to choose the phone and modem options in your system/PC

    --> Next to Hyper Terminal private edition Edition

    --> terminal program special design for capturing for controlling and bugging binary and other diffirent data stream

    --> to support the dialing modems

    To some focus in the picture:


    - this is to Box in the Hyper
    - Link to one to another options.

    - To Drive the link options to storted data.

    - some drive the hyper locaions..


    This is start the menu in hte home page of the operating system..

    as to maintain the some Terminal in windows 7 operating system..

    Hope to use full for you..

    Try it...

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    Re: Using Hyper Terminal in Windows 7?

    hi my dear friend..........the use of Hyper Terminal is

    which is basically used to troubleshoot the modem problems

    and also which is used to designed for capturing , controlling and debugging the binary and other data streams

    and it is better option for the debugging

    and to enable this option

    first click the start menu and open the control panel

    after that click the hardware and sound option

    then click the programs and features option

    after that click the windows features turn or off option from the left pane

    then select the hyperV and press OK button


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