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    Verification error keep coming on PC though it is a genuine Windows XP copy

    When I make an attempt to download Windows Media Player from Windows website into my PC running on Windows XP, I keep getting verification error. I am sure that my PC runs on genuine Windows XP copy. I have also installed service pack 3 and Internet Explorer 9 along with it. In what way can I get rid of this issue?

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    Re: Verification error keep coming on PC though it is a genuine Windows XP copy

    You can resolve this issue by resetting the Internet Explorer settings. Click on the ‘Start’ button first and select ‘Run’ option visible on the start menu. Type inetcpl.cpl into the ‘Open’ box and press the ‘OK’ button. Once you can view the ‘Internet Properties’ dialog box, press the ‘Advanced’ tab on it. Click the checkbox near ‘Reset’ option under ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’ afterwards and hit the ‘Reset’ button again. Select the checkbox near ‘Delete personal settings’ if you want to erase all personal settings. When your system finishes resetting the Internet Explorer settings, press the ‘Close’ button available. Launch the Internet Explorer again and see whether you can find the verification error or not.

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